''We belong dead'' the monster then pulled the switch and fire erupted from the machines immediately incinerating the monster the bride ran for safety in a corner and the towering laboratory exploded the walls crumbled and the city below was safe from Frankenstein's creations.

At least they thought they were when the fire settled and the smoke now a thin black mist a small ash covered hand emerges from the rubble and rises the bride of the Frankenstein monster still alive. The bride gets up from the rubble of her home and walks staggers out of the fallen tower to the road where she walks to town to the town that was once plagued by Frankenstein's artificial man now to be plagued by the artificial woman.

At town square a couple strolls in the park staring at the stars. ''Wow what a big bird its gigantic Fredrick look at it'' a big bird circles above the couple staring back at them then suddenly the bird swoops down and swipes a gray clawed hand at the girl and knocks her to the ground. ''Shelley'' ''rahahahaha'' the bird lands in front of the man and the bird isn't a bird at all it is actually a 4 ft tall gargoyle with a birds beak and giants gray wings ''what creature are you?'' Fredrick says to the gargoyle but the gargoyle ignores him and hovers 3 ft in the air grabs the boy flies high in the sky and lets him fall to his death. Bones crack against the pavement as the boy falls on top of Shelley killing them both. ''rahahahahahah''

As the gargoyle flies away into the starry night sky the bride reaches the town square and spies the couple lying dead on the street she stands next to them in her doctor's ash covered gown entranced by the display of broken bones and blood painted on the street as if it exploded. ''Hey you there stay where you are''! A policeman runs from across the street and grabs the bride by the arm and yells ''did you do this….huh are you deaf woman did you do this''? ''aaahhhhhhh'' the bride pulls her arm away and back hands the policeman the policeman touches his cheek and hits her with his night stick knocking her to the floor.

The bride enraged jumps dives to the officer knocks him to the ground and repeatedly bashes his head into the pavement WHACK WHACK WHACK CRACK, his skull breaks open and blood squirts from the crack in his skull to the street and all over the brides gown.

The bride gets up and is entranced by the blood that streams from the mans head onto the street a tiny river of crimson fluid strolling along the road painting it as runs. Not wanting anymore attention tonight the bride quickly walks down the road away from the mangled bodies to a high pitched sound that cackles through the night.

On the other side of town there is an outside party and crashing the party is the gargoyle and now the bride. People are running & screaming, stolen into the air and dropped some of the people turn on the road that the bride is on a woman takes one look at her clothes and says ''MURDERER'' the bride thinks ''she screams at me she will attack me like the other'' the bride then grabs the woman and breaks her neck. ''RAAAAAA'' the bride picks up the woman's body and throws it at the other people running at her direction causing them to run to another road.

Now the bride is alone on the road she walks through the lonely dark paved road looking at the world around her. Thud a rock hits her head she turns in its direction but only sees darkness she continues on…..thud ''RAAA'' the bride frantically looks everywhere for who ever is throwing rocks at her then trips over the body she threw. ''rahahahahahaha whooo hooo ho ho'' the gargoyle cackles at the bride on a buildings ledge.

''rrrrrrrrrr'' the bride gets up and chucks a rock at the gargoyle hitting him in the eye. RAR the gargoyle swoops down scratches the bride on her face. The bride grabs the gargoyles wing and throws it to the floor and begins rapidly punching the gargoyle, the gargoyle gets an opportunity to escape and rolls away and throws a knife at the bride getting her leg. ''AAAAHHHHHH'' ''rahahahah'' the gargoyle fly's away to the church balcony. Angry and in pain the bride takes out the knife grips it firmly and limps quickly after the gargoyle.

Ten minutes pass and the bride reaches the church steps she limps up the steps breaks open the door and inside is a priest performing a baptism. The priest looks at the bride's ash and blood soaked gown her hair frizzy and her eyes bloodshot and angry ''Demon run away from the demon I will hold it off''. The couple runs out the back entrance while the priest grabs a nearby torch and cross then charges at the bride.

''back demon'' the bride hears the scream and in fury throws the dagger at the priests chest, the bride walks over the priest takes the dagger and walks to the steps leading to the roof. The bride limps up the steps and can hear scraping and chewing echoing down the tower, the bride reaches the top of the bell tower and sees the gargoyle eating an arm the gargoyle sniffs the air and spots the bride ''CREEEEEEEEEEE'' the gargoyle screeches and throws the arm at the bride she dodges and throws the dagger at the gargoyles wing wounding him.

The bride limps to the gargoyle and it smacks her in the face then grabs her leg from under her it crawls on top of her and proceeds to bite into her neck but she punches the gargoyle's face flying it across the room. The gargoyle crawls outside to the ledge thinking maybe he can trip her and make her dive off the church but stares in horror at the sky it's orange not black or blue but orange ''the sun is rising oh no'' the gargoyle looks the other way at the bride limping after him then he starts to turn to stone with a worried look on his face. ''RAAAAAA'' the bride jumps onto the petrified gargoyle causing it to wobble and fall off the ledge. The bride and gargoyle fall through the air piercing the morning wind of peace and crashes onto the pavement of the street.

Bones broken, stone crushed, blood streams, the bride looks up at her first sunrise at the rising fire in the sky and hears her lonely grooms last words in ear once more ''we belong dead''.