WARNING: okay, about the entire first half - two-thirds of this story piss me off. That is something you REALLY have to understand. I plan on going back and correcting all of the grammar/punctuation issues. I also would like to make the whole thing stronger. It sounds so pathetic to me now, that I have no idea how I even managed to write it. It is, however, a very funny story. I hope that you can overlook all of the stupid mistakes for a short time. Anyway, enjoy!

My breathing was becoming labored as I ran through the crowded halls with Vanessa right on my heels. You see, she ticked me off with her annoying little recorder. Over and over again she played a recording of herself singing a song that she wrote.

Oh, man, you could so totally tell she wrote that piece of crap. Not only did her voice sound like fingernails on a chalkboard, her lyrics sucked. A fucked up donkey could do better, sound better too.

So after she pressed the repeat button for the millionth time, I got up, grabbed the stupid thing, held it under her chunky nose, and after telling her just what I thought about her sick and twisted version of mating calls, I threw it out the window. Okay, normally a teacher would have reprehended me before things got to serious, but Mrs. Browns was dozing at her desk. It would have been a refreshing change from her normally sharp, mean eyes, if not for the fact that I knew Jason Sprint had slipped a sleeping pill into her green tea. Or at least I thought it was only one, but from the way drool was dripping down her chin and she appeared to not be moving, well it made me wonder.

Who knows, maybe it wasn't even a sleeping pill.

Anyway, my body was reacting out of pain, not common sense.

You see Vanessa is….um…butch?

A freaking body builder.

On steroids.

Five feet and eleven in a half inches of pure muscle power.

In other words, pissing her off wasn't one of my brightest moments. Her baggy black shirt featured the barrel of a gun pointing right at you, blood stained its background and the words, "Don't fuck with me," were printed out in bold white print. I gulped while thinking, oops, just did.

Slowly she stood up, deep purple hair, swaying around her face. Her black eyes pierced right through me, heavy makeup only accented their color.

I stupidly kept my feet planted on the ground, I really should've started running by then, but well, I couldn't.

Ever heard the term scared shitless? Yeah, well, that was me.

Her head cocked to the side as a feral grin spread across her face.

"You're going to pay for that, bitch." her voice was sweet, too sweet, so sugary in fact that I took it as a warning and ducked as a meaty fist pounded the air where my head had just been.

"Yeah, I'm so totally paying right now. God, I did everyone a favor when I taught that thing how to fly. You should be thanking me, dumb ass."

Vanessa's face froze.

Uh-oh. Did I just say that out loud?

Judging by the laughter erupting around us, I just did, I hadn't even known they were paying attention. Not to mention that Vanessa's face was a dead give away that my life was about to come to a very tragic and very painful end.

Then the bell rang, and it pulled me out of my trance, hers too apparently, considering she tried to grab me as I jumped over the desks, grabbed my bag, and tore out of the classroom like a demon was on my heals. But if you thought about it, there was. I mean she does resemble….

My thoughts died, as the command, "Get the fuck out of my way!" erupted from behind me.

Vanessa wasn't about to give up her chase. I was the prey, she the predator.

Why don't I ever think before I act? You'd think that I would have learned by now, but no.

I was successfully dodging all the teens crowding up the halls, being small does have its advantages. Where I'm like, five-three and slim, Vanessa is built like a linebacker. She should have more trouble getting through this mess than I did, but then again, she could just knock everyone down.

I risked a glance backwards, to see just how close she was, when I ran into a wall.

Dazed, I started falling to the ground, then arms caught and steadied me. What the heck? Walls do not have arms. I looked up, way up (I'm so freaking short) into the face of Ash Kincaid. I blanched. Why did I have to run into him. He's, like, the coolest, and best looking guy at Summers High. He also had a reputation for being the resident comedian. A blush began to burn my face. He chuckled, his hands still griped my upper arms.

"In a hurry?" he asked in amusement.

"I'm sorry, I re-really didn't mean to run into you," I mumbled while staring at the ground. Ugh, I'm way too shy. Sure, sometimes I lose my temper and act on impulse, but do you know how rare that is?

"It's okay, jus-" he cut off, looking past me at something. I stiffened, I had a pretty good idea at what he was staring at.

"What the hell?" he murmured.

Then a hand grabbed my shoulders and started spinning me around. Only I didn't turn. Ash still had his grip on my arms.

"Let go of her pretty boy, she and I have some business to attend to," Vanessa fairly barked out the words between huge pants. Out of shape ninny. My, breathing was back to normal.

Instead of letting go, he only gripped me tighter, and glared down into Vanessa's scary black eyes. Despite her being five eleven, she still had to look up a good several inches to meet his vivid green eyes. Ugh, I felt so short.

"What if I say no." Ash's voice was several octaves lower, a whole lot more menacing, and despite his words being phrased like a question, it sounded more like a statement of fact. As in, he would not let go, just cause she said so.

Vanessa again tried to pull me out of his grasp, but Ash swatted her hand away, while at the same time, pulling me behind him.

"Move, out of my way," Vanessa said in her most scary, psycho bitch voice. It had me shaking in my shoes, but Ash didn't even flinch, instead….he laughed. Okay, was he suicidal? Seriously, no one screws with Vanessa and gets away alive. The only reason I'm breathing right now was because he had placed his athletic body in front of me.

That wasn't going to last for long though.

Vanessa had had enough apparently of his refusal to move and she shoved him back. He obviously wasn't expecting it and stumbled back a few steps, unintentionally ramming into me. He had gracefully stopped his fall, but I couldn't put a halt to mine and ended up landing hard on my rear. He turned and started to speak when Vanessa pushed past him and grabbed me.

My feet left the ground as she lifted me up to her eye level. God, the girl was strong.

Ash just stood there for a second or two, by the look on his face he obviously wasn't used to being ignored. Soon though, he shook himself out of it.

"Let. Her. Go."

"Make me." Vanessa taunted him while she drew her fist back and then shot it forward, punching me in the ribs. I swear I heard them crack, as the air in my lungs came out in a mighty 'whoosh.' I tried to curl in on myself, but I was still dangling from her fist.

Ash's face twisted darkly. He began stalking closer to us.

"One more step, she gets hit again, lover boy." Ash halted in his tracks, and studiously paid no attention to her 'lover boy,' comment. I on the other hand, would have been blushing, if not for the fact that my face was already several different shades of puce. Being deprived of oxygen does that to a person.

My eyes were squeezed shut, so I didn't even see the next blow coming, therefore I wasn't prepared for the pain that flared in my head. Multicolored dots danced around the edges of my vision, giving me the stupid urge to ask if a kaleidoscope had been shoved in my face. I groaned, more at my stupid sense of humor, then at the pain. My ribs and head protested with throbbing bursts of heat. Well shit, maybe it was the pain making me groan like some freak out of a movie.

"Ms. Robbins." the sharp voice cut through the air like a knife. Vanessa dropped me in a heartbeat, she didn't even bother lowering me to the ground first, so I landed on my bruised ribs and this time I knew my moaning was out of pain.

Mr. McCarthy, our principle, was the speaker, and he looked pissed. Uh-oh, someone's gonna get it, my mind thought in a singsong voice, while I was literally dieing of pain. Really, my brain needs to get its priority's straight.

Like that was ever going to happen.

"Are you okay?" a voice asked worriedly.

I opened my mouth to say, "Do I look okay to you!" but when I took a deep breath and started to speak, all that came out was an agonized groan.

Some stupid idiot tried to set me in an upright position, thereby moving my ribs in a way that they so totally did not feel like moving in, and after I did another sick interpretation of a zombies death groan, then I promptly passed out.


Okay, what did you think? Tell me or don't tell me, it's up to you. I realize that no where in the story have I told you the main characters name, it just didn't come up. Well you'll find out in the next chapter. Hope you enjoyed!