My Battle


I wish that if I had said it more often,
You might have been able to stay.
And I wonder, if I had prayed enough,
If maybe, you wouldn't have had to go away.

But I know the hopes are useless,
Nothing I did would have changed the fact
That in everything I have today,
I only realize the one thing that I lack…

You're only doing your job, you're off to fight a war,
And you've left me here to handle things alone.
And though I know you love me, please understand:
Without you, this house is not a home.

I wake up every morning, my marital bed cold,
And it always, always breaks my heart.
But now I have a household to manage and
I know I can't afford to fall apart.

So I hold my head high, and wait for you;
I know you'll be home and this stops the tears.
But then my short reprieve is wrecked by the news:
Bombings, Iraq, five dead — and relive all those fears.

I get a call that evening —
Don't worry, I'm OK
And that affords me time to breath,
Find the strength to get through another day.

You're off fighting that war
And you've left me here at home
To fight my own type of battle,
One I've got to get through on my own.

But please don't worry about me,
I'm strong, and I'll make it through.
Just know that for all this strength,
I'm nothing without you.

So please come home safely.


L. Sherman