Five Senses of My World

I lived in a world full of gray

Everything changed when you came my way

Now I see colors like yellow, red, and blue

All of this was because of you


I lived in world of silence, it tortured me

But now with you everything is a sweet melody

A joyful song that I could sing

A peaceful sound than can get me through anything


I lived in a world where everything tasted bland

But the tastes got better when you held my hand

I look forward to the days that we will meet

Because in that day, everything will be sweet


I lived in a world that was cold

Left alone with no one to hold

Then you came and everything became warm

I'll do all I can to keep you from harm


I lived in a world with a rotten smell

A stench so unbearable, I felt I was in hell

But one day, it was me that you chose

Then everything smelled like a big red rose


With you, my world is nice and bright

A world where everything feels just right

A world where it's not too hot or too cool

Because with you my world is amazingly wonderful