Didn't Think So

Hello boy, it's the girl from your past
But I'll answer to "Sorry, but
Who are you again?" Because it's already
All too clear. You don't remember me.
Let me jog your mind and then
Maybe, just maybe, you just might do so.

A few months old in blue baby bouncers
Mama would joke how we seemed to
Get along like a married couple – the irony astounds
Our laughter rang and my dimple showed like
No, not that girl. Not at all like
Your brown haired friend with benefits.

Old enough to hold a rolling pin we
Threw flour around the kitchen and each other.
It stuck to your nose. To my hair.
I hadn't cared in the slightest 'cause
I'm not like your ex – the same one you were seen
Behind a shed with the other day.

Ten years old – borderline depressed but
You saved my life. Pulled me from despair by just
Treating me like a person. I had fallen hard –
A year later did I figure out. Those smiles were real,
But I can't say the same for that cheerleader
Who waves her pom-poms at you.

In my early teens I was dead afraid that
Paternal envy would grow physical.
He swore I love you more than him…what could I say?
Your name was taboo. His glares were intense.
Coming to resemble those two girls who keep
Trying to incinerate your latest fling.

Miles away (again) in more ways than one with
Distance increasing as time goes by. Six years and
I'm sick of this – I need to let go.
There's no reason if I'm lost in this crowd
If you're happy with them, I should be glad. Even if
This hurts me.

Hello again, boy. Remember me now?

Didn't think so.