This, the alternate/sadder ending. Starts at the starred part of the other page.

***They had been through hell and back together trying to figure one another out. He had come to her when he needed her and she ended up needing him as a friend more than she realized. Now was one of those times, she knew he thought that he had just lost everything. Especially if Sarah saw Jeremy like that, lying on the floor of the hotel room.

"Daren, I'll be right back." Jasmine stood up to leave the room for a moment. Daren reached out and grabbed her arm. He was still looking at the floor, blood dripping from the fist that was hanging beside the chair. He slowly looked up to her. The face he wore told her everything. "OK, I'll stay for now."

A few of the chaperones carried Jeremy out of the room and down to the lobby to be picked up by an ambulance. It looked as if he'd be in the hospital for a while. Sarah had finally been released from the police interrogations and was following Jeremy to the door. There she stopped and turned to Daren who was sitting on the chair a few feet away. She was crying.

"Thank you, Daren. You saved me. And I'm sorry to both of you. Jasmine, I'm sorry I ran out on you and I'm sorry I made you worry about me like this."

"Don't worry about it Sarah, as long as you're okay now."

"And Daren?" Now he raised his head. "I'm sorry to you too. I'm sorry I made you worry. I'm sorry you had to come save me, and I'm sorry you got hurt. But I think most importantly, I'm sorry I gave you hope. I was lying before when I said that friends were more important. That isn't how I feel. I do want to have a romantic relationship and be happy. But not with you. I want to find someone I could marry. Someone who I love as much as they love me. I'm sorry that person can't be you.

Daren lowered his head and nodded. He knew that was the answer behind everything. He knew back when he got her e-mail at valentine's that she didn't love him and never could. He had just given himself hope that the impossible could become reality so that he wouldn't have to hurt again.

Sarah left with the police to go to the station for more questions. Daren and Jasmine were also picked up by the ambulance to see a doctor. They arrived in record time. Apparently the damage to Jeremy's head was more serious than they had first thought. The doctors said he was going to lose memory of the trip and most of what had happened for a week or two before but he would live. Daren sat in the emergency room after receiving his news. He too would be fine. Only a few broken fingers on his right hand. His middle knuckle had been shattered and replaced but it would function normally. Jasmine sat on the table next to him with her arm around him.

"Daren, I know it hurts. Believe me, I know. But you need to hold on. The thoughts you have right now will pass. And the same goes for Sarah. The spur of the moment may have messed with her feelings and…"

"Stop. No more hope. No more pain. I'm tired of this. Sarah doesn't love me. And it hurts too much to be near her when she's with someone else." He jumped off the table and paced the room. He found a drawer marked Epinephrine and Epinephrine and pulled out one of the syringes. "Last time I did this, I stopped myself. I can't this time. Can you?"

"You coward!!"

"That won't work either. I tried."

"Do you know what this will do to Sarah?!"

"She'll get over this. I won't."

"You love her but you're willing to hurt her like this? Other than me, you're her best friend? How can you do this? Why can't you see?"

"See what? That I've lost everything? I lost all hope of being with her. And I can't live like that. Hope was the only thing that kept me alive the first time. Now I don't even have that." He plunged the syringe into his arm and fell to the floor. His body shook violently for almost a minute before it stopped moving entirely. Jasmine ran to him.


"The pain… is gone. Tell Sarah… I'm happy that I loved her."