Two Worlds

And so it continued

As the abominations go about their business,

I wait here.

Waiting to be seen,

To have someone stop to wonder,

How is it possible

For this and that to be the same,

For two worlds so different to really be one.

How could they have missed me?

How could something so big

Have been looked over for so long?

How could they have missed my beauty?

And why?

Why must they strive to perfect their ownership?

Why must they try to control these two identical worlds?

How can they destroy it and admire it at the same time?

When will they learn?

That they can't be this way forever.

When will they see that one world

Is the same as the other?

Will they admire me the same way?

Or will they destroy me just the same

The way they destroyed my friends?

I've been here, undisturbed for a million years,

Waiting to be seen.

To have someone stop and realize

I may not have a million more.