I sit atop mahogany, my brothers and sisters on either side. A fine dust lingers in the air, catching on sunlight that streams from a window behind our shelf. As a book, it is a sad reality I must face daily that this dust has become friendlier than an avid reader. So we sit, breathing in dust and sunlight until our pages become yellow and faded with age.

Every once in a while, something wonderful happens, and one of us becomes chosen by a reader; someone who appreciates us, wants to learn from us. Each time a bookworm approaches our shelf, my fellow paperbacks and I straighten our spines, and try to look like we did when we were first purchased- appealing and exciting (who says you can't judge a book by its cover?) All of us had been chosen at least once, some of us, even more so, resulting in ripped, dog- eared pages, worn and faded covers, and the occasional water mark.

Suddenly, I became aware of a young girl, blonde hair tied back into a ponytail, glasses framing her heart- shaped face, as she stopped in front of our shelf. Though she was a young reader, I could tell she had a wide knowledge in the range of books. I had an inkling (if you'll pardon the pun) that she would chose me. At once, I straightened my spine as tall as it would go, hoping the dust that had gathered on my pages wouldn't be so horribly noticeable. If I had lungs, I would have held my breath, in the hope that her hands would reach for me.

Please, I wanted to say, choose me! Let me show you a world you've never stepped into before. I am your passport to wherever you want to go. I am your guide; your portal to the unknown place you, as a reader, are constantly seeking.

The young girl raised her arm, reaching… reaching… for me! Yes! She picked me! It was my turn to be read! If I was human, I would have smiled, and made my eyes sparkle with pure joy. I was held in such a way that made me know I would be safe in her hands; no dog- earing my pages or tears or water marks on my cover. If I had lungs, I would sigh contentedly.

Thank goodness for avid readers.

A/N: this fic goes out to all the young readers out there and those who started to read young and are still reading. you guys rock! :D