Elena had always been a curious little girl.

Even as a kid, she liked to eavesdrop on people's conversations. Or rifle through everybody's stuff when she felt like it. It was just in her nature. She had been caught a few times of course, but she diligently learned her lesson from each and every incident. So it was no surprise when she announced to her parents, at the tender age of eleven, that she wanted to become an investigator. There was no work more fitting for her.

Of course, nobody thought Elena would try to start working before getting her high school degree. Well, she seemed to have something else up her sleeve…

You see, Elena had been going out with this boy. Thanks to her practiced skill of listening to people's conversations, she heard rumors about her boyfriend. Now had they come from a small number of people, Elena wouldn't have cared less. But the rumors were spreading everywhere, and fast. So she decided she was going to look into it.

And then she found out that the rumors were based on some sort of truth. So she broke up with her boyfriend, cried for a few months and ate about fifteen tubs of chocolate and pistachio ice cream.

But of course, being as restless as she was, she decided to do something about it.

So she started her own business : her goal was to investigate any type of suspicion a girl held over her partner, and to get as much information as possible. She decided to call it GPI, which stood for 'Girl's Private Investigator'.

And from that day on, Elena had vowed to never date any kind of jerk, and never to let her fellow female friends down. Because when your boyfriend dumped you, your best friend was there to offer you a double chocolate chip cookie. When you failed a test, your best friend was there to dry your tears and tell you that you were the most intelligent person in the world…Except her of course.

So Elena thought that most men were worthless, superficial and just a bunch of sweet talkers to be wary of.

This is the story of Elena and what some may call the downfall of her projects.