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Family Jewels & Snow Confessions

Sean shoved a plate of cookies in Elena's lap as he sat down, but not before taking a generous handful for himself. She looked at the plate warily and then shifted her gaze to the boy who was currently shoving three chocolate chip cookies in his mouth at a time, while simultaneously maintaining his composure and looking at her curiously. How was it even possible to look composed when he stuffed his face like that?

'You can eat them. They're not poisoned.' She almost laughed at that. I'll die before I eat anything you give me, Sean Hamilton. 'Besides I'm eating some, so you can see that they're normal.'


'What exactly?' She was sure that she felt a few crumbs land in her lap as he spoke.

'You're not normal.' She said it in such a formal, clinical way that Sean had to laugh.

'I'll take that as a compliment. Being normal is so boring. You should know.'

She ignored the jibe and studied the room. They were in Sean's study room. Sean Hamilton had a study room. Quite ironic really. Elena doubted he spent time in the area at all. Everything about the room was delicate and intellectual, which really didn't reflect Hamilton's character in any way. The creamy softness of the white rug under their feet contrasted perfectly with the deep brown hue of the oak desk and the wooden bookshelves. The bookshelves that Elena had admired upon her entry were filled with literary works from every corner of the world, from every century and age.

'No this isn't my study room.' He read her thoughts perfectly. 'The disbelief is written all over your face.' She shot him a glance devoid of emotion and wished he could wipe away the chocolate at the corner of his mouth. He was a child in so many ways.

'So do you have any subjects you'd like to work on?' He leaned back into his chair and rested his feet on the desk, in blatant disregard of its expensive quality. Hmm… That certainly said something about his view on money. Or his parents…Hmm.

'I really don't know… I don't follow the news, Internet is not really my thing and I don't read magazines and shit. I don't hang out with people who care either.'

What about his parents? Elena was itching to ask him that question, she was certain it'd piss him off; but she reminded herself she was here to work. 'Alright… So all these TVs are for show, huh.' She had said more to herself than to him but he shot her a look that said 'Don't start'.
She put the plate of cookies on the desk and got up. She started pacing and thought about what they both could possibly have in common. What could interest both a rule-worshiping, rigid girl and a rule-breaking bad boy?

'But I do read.' Her head shot up in disbelief. He smirked. 'This is where I'm supposed to spit out some inspirational and romantic quote from an obscure European poet, isn't it?' She almost smiled but quickly caught herself.

'So, maybe I should choose the subject then. Any social aspects in the world you would like to discuss or present in front of the class?'

'I told you I don't pay much attention to anything.'

'That doesn't mean you're unaware.'

'Maybe it means you overestimated me.'

She stopped pacing and looked at him evenly. 'I would quite like to agree with you there but I know you're just being a pain in the ass.'

He grinned pompously. 'I'm sorry. I'm just a rich playboy who spends his time getting high and getting girls. I don't pay attention to anything else. Come see me when you've grown out your dweeb phase and maybe you might get me interested.'

She sighed internally and started pacing again. So this was why he wanted her to come over his place. Being on his own turf gave him the illusion that he had power over her. It was amazing how sometimes men-scratch that-boys, could act like dogs.

'What about teen delinquency? That's an interesting subject.' You could certainly relate, she felt like adding.

'What aspect of teen delinquency? It's already been done.'

'First smart thing you've said.' Elena winced. There goes my self-control.

He grinned. He loved getting a rise out of her. 'How about we work on something everybody could relate to?' She stayed silent and he took it as an encouragement to continue. 'You know your little business, Elena…I think it could be quite an interesting as a subject.'

She came to a halt and glared at him. 'We had a deal. This was not part of the deal, I promise you Sean Hamilton-'

'Don't get your panties in twist. Let me finish.' She bit her tongue and kept pacing to cool off. 'You know I think we should do something about gender. Like relationships in high schools, and I get to do the male point of view and you do the female.'

That wasn't half stupid but she would never admit it. 'That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard. And I'm sure the teacher won't even say yes.'

'He said we get to choose. And I've just chosen a subject. And it's not half as boring as the subjects you're gonna propose, so why don't we just agree so we can get a move on?'

She pondered. He was right. The quicker they'd choose a subject, the quicker they'd work on it and the less time they'd spend together. The more sleep Elena would get and the more she'd be in a better mood for Justin-

'Alright.' She blurted it out before she could regret her decision.

The perpetual smirk on his lips intensified. 'Great. I knew you'd come to your senses. Now let's discuss our wonderful subject in a less stuffy setting, shall we?'

He didn't wait for her answer as he jumped up and reached the door in a few strides. He opened the door and Elena looked at him blankly. 'Where are we going?'

'Somewhere I can think.'

'Oh, and that is physically possible?' He shot her an irritated glance.

'Just shut up for a bit and get your things. We're going for a walk.'

'I am not leaving this room! Who knows where you'll end up taking me? I don't want to end up in crack house in some unknown shady neighborhood! I am not leaving this room, you understand?'

He smirked still but his twitching jaw gave him away. 'Listen, I'm trying to be patient with you, so just work with me. Please get your stuff and let's go.'

Elena softened a bit at the polite request but she stood her ground. 'No, I repeat, I am not moving.' She plopped down stubbornly on her seat, thinking she had won the argument. Sean sighed and gathered her belongings.

'What are you doing?' He shouldered her pink and purple Roxy backpack, and she struggled to contain a giggle when she noticed the contrast between her girly bag and his muscular frame.

He eyed her strangely. 'Well, if you're not moving, I am going to move you.' And before she had time to register what he said, he had already picked her up effortlessly and carried her out the door over his shoulder.


'Scream away honey. We're alone in this mansion.' She could hear the laughter in his voice and it drove her mad. Elena Kirby wasn't a girl you could manhandle. But goodness why was he holding her so tight? And why was he so freaking tall? And was that a whiff of cinnamon that she got from his shirt?

'Ugh! ' She granted in frustration as she tried to wriggle free from his grasp. They were now out of his house. 'LET ME GO! We're out of the house, so LET ME GO!'

'Tsk, tsk Elena. I don't trust you. We have to get to the car.' As soon as the sentence exited his lips, she felt herself being lowered carefully in front of his car. He looked at her warily once he had set her down, as if he were expecting her to hit him. She kicked him in the shin to give him the benefit of the doubt. He let out a painful yelp before clutching his leg and Elena grinned.

'Never ever try to carry me. Or even touch me without my permission.'

He smirked even though his features were contorted in pain. 'So you plan on giving me permission?'

She rolled her eyes and kicked his other shin for good measure. 'Drop me off at my place or the bus stop or else it'll be the family jewels.'

'This feels so good.' Elena sighed contentedly as she laid her head against Justin's chest in her bedroom.

'I have to say there isn't a better way to spend a boring Sunday afternoon than to be with you.'

'Aren't I the little ray of sunshine in your life?' She shifted so she could look at him. He smiled and kissed her cheek tenderly.

'You certainly are.' He kissed her lips this time and she responded fully. After a bit, he straddled her and kissed her with such a passion she had not known him capable of. He detached his lips from her swollen ones and attacked her neck, biting and nibbling all the way to her bare shoulder. One of his hands crept under her top and squeezed her left breast lightly, and he resumed kissing her ferociously. He then massaged both breasts turn by turn and then tugged on her white tank top, asking her permission to lift it.

'Justin, I don't think-'

'I promise I won't make you do anything you don't want to, sweetie.' His blue orbs gazed adoringly into her brown ones and she almost melted. Almost.

'My parent's could get here any second, I'd rather not.' She said it softly, but firmly. She rolled off the bed and put her hair up in a hasty ponytail. She bit her swollen lips and Justin tried his best to suppress another wave of desire.

He sighed. 'Yeah. Alright, then I guess I should get going as well.'

'Let me walk you out.' She threw on a sweater and walked him down the stairs. When they'd arrived at the door he kissed her shortly one last time and she shot him an apologetic look. He smiled and walked out with a faint 'Goodbye.'

She closed the door with a sigh. He didn't understand. She was doing her best. He didn't know how much of an effort she was already making by even initiating this much contact. Well, he was a teenage boy, all hormonal and horny all the time. But then again, shouldn't she be as well?

This was one of those moments where a phone call to Diane would've solved everything and made her feel better. Elena plopped down on the couch and played with her phone. Really, couldn't she forgive Diana ? Her love life was none of her business…No. No. It was her business because she'd slept with the one guy who stood for all she hated and he was also the boyfriend of her cousin. Unacceptable.

Justin had actually been pretty cool when she'd told him she was going to work regularly at Sean's house. Of course she didn't tell him about the 'pretend-dating him' part. That would not do. How obnoxious of him to blackmail her like that. And she couldn't do anything about it. Or could she?

Weeks passed, and Elena still hadn't figured out a way to get rid of Sean Hamilton. Their bickering had gotten worse over time and he had even walked out of the detention room on numerous occasions in frustration. She couldn't stand it anymore. She also couldn't stand Justin's growing demands. He was actually quite civil about respecting her boundaries, but she could sense his restlessness. She also couldn't stand not having any business for her private investigating, but since the rumor that Hamilton was in love with a 'totally dangerous ice bitch' had spread, she almost had no clients at all. Apparently this girl had him so whipped there was no point in trying. Ha.

All in all, it was a crappy bunch of weeks, but luckily today was the last day of school and she could finally relish her Christmas break. She shoved her books into her locker and walked over to the cafeteria for lunch, but promptly stopped. Did she honestly want to sit with Justin's jocks? She didn't mind Justin at all but his friends… Sitting with them more than once a week was giving her a serious headache. But she was so hungry, and she couldn't just walk in the cafeteria and walk out. Her stomach rumbled in disagreement. She turned on her heels and headed towards the school grounds. Her sanity was her number one priority.

She spotted a big, isolated tree and trekked over to it. It was freezing cold, and had already started snowing for a few days, but she actually didn't mind cold weather. She was wearing enough layers to keep a walrus warm in the Antarctic. There was a bench under the tree, and only then did she notice that there was already someone sitting in the spot she so badly wanted. Oh, fuck it. She wanted to sit there and she would. As soon as she reached the bench, she muttered a hello to the stranger without really looking at him or her and stared off into space.

'So this is what it's like when Elena spends time with someone she doesn't hate.' Elena jumped at the familiar voice and peered closely at the masculine form. Her curious gaze was met with a mischievous one.

'Sean?' He opened his coat a bit and she was now sure it was him. She hadn't recognized him under all those clothes. He had layered even more than her.

'The one and only.'

'Goodness, if you hate the cold so much, why are you out here?'

'Oh, so now, my well-being matters?' Elena tensed and stayed silent after that. He was right. Since when did they make small talk? Suddenly the air that she had desperately come out for was oppressive.

Sean sighed apologetically. 'Sorry. I needed some fresh air and school is getting on my nerves.' She nodded quietly, but he felt the need to keep talking. 'I quit smoking. I'm tense all the time.'

She perked up at this piece of information. 'You stopped smoking?'

He nodded stiffly. 'Thirteen days. Might be why I keep on storming out of the detention room like a girl with PMS.' Elena smiled, hidden by her overcoat.

'Certainly does explain a bit.' He shifted towards her, his gaze as icy grey as ever.

'Yeah and this conversation might also be a small lapse of sanity.' He said it playfully but he noticed she bit her cheek to keep herself from responding. 'Can I ask you something though?'

She kept staring at the snow at her feet but he noticed a small nod. 'What did all those girls say? When they found out I was cheating?' Her coffee eyes searched his.

'Why do you want to know?' He shrugged. She pondered a way to tell him without shattering their temporary peace.

'Uh…Well. It was quite the same reaction all the time. Tears, snot, running makeup.'

He smirked. 'What did they say?'

'I mean, you can guess…you know that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'

'Is Elena finally too shy to tell me the truth? Have I grown on you?' He grinned deviously as he eyed her closely. She willed her cheeks not to go red. She willed them with all her might, but why would they? Why should they? She was sitting out in the cold. There was absolutely no reason for her to look flushed.

'Please. I was trying to be civil. But if you really want the truth…' She played with the snow at her feet, to distract herself from his disturbing stormy gaze.

'Do go on.'

'Well, it was quite unimaginative really. ''That bastard, I'll cut his balls off; we'll see how unfaithful he'll be then! And who is he with? That bitch? I know her! She's in my math class! I'll give her a piece of my mind!'' ' Sean smiled at her perfect mimicry of the bimbos he'd went out with. 'And it tended to end up in miserable self-pity and wallowing, with continually fluctuating self-esteem. You were quite unkind with those girls.' Sean sobered up at the last part and went into defensive mode.

'They knew. They knew and they still came. It was their choice, and they were always perfectly capable of making whichever one they wanted.'

Elena stared at him calmly. 'Yes. Yes they did. I do not pity them for it. I just don't understand what sort of pleasure you get. You could easily break off one fling and then engage into another. Yet, you choose not to end your…relationships, and just have them at the same time. Just a bit of respect and thought on your part would be considerate.'

Sean avoided her intent gaze, and got up angrily. 'You have no right to talk to me that way. No right to judge me, or criticize me. Let me remind you that you are nobody. Nobody.' His icy response indicated to Elena that they were right back to square one.

Sean walked away from her, trying not to stomp irately in the snow. She always had a knack for making him angry. But was he simply angry at her, or was he angry at her for being right?

Elena kicked off her boots and took off her coat when she'd got to her bedroom. She changed into comfortable and warm clothes before heading downstairs for dinner. A family dinner. Something they hadn't done in quite some time. Her parents and sister were already seated at the dinner table, and Elena quickly joined her mother's side after mumbling a 'Hey'. They started digging into her mother's homemade to-die-for lasagna.

'So how was the last day of school, girls?' Her father smiled tentatively at her. Elena ungracefully shoved a delicious piece of lasagna into her mouth as she eyed him. Her dear, mysterious father.

'Fine.' She answered before the silence got too heavy. 'Work?'

He forced a smile. 'Good, good.' Her mother was unusually silent. Elena knew that things were a bit cool between them, but her mom's ramblings were usually limitless and funny. She was the life of the family honestly.

'How was your day, Mom?' Julia smiled encouragingly at her mother. And not one of those tight-lipped meaningless smiles her father had thrown at her, but a beautiful smile that could light up a room.

Her mother's mood seem to lift a bit. 'It was good honey, how were your finals? The math exam wasn't an issue was it?'

'No, at least I hope not. When your older sister is a ninja capable of sneaking the answers before the test, you don't have to worry.' Julia smiled cheekily at Elena who had looked up sharply from her plate.

Her mother narrowed her eyes at her. 'Elena? Is this true? Hmm?'

'She was joking. My sneaking around is only limited to boys, you know that.' She smiled playfully at her mother who smirked.

'Oh, we already know who it is so it's not sneaking around is it?' Elena's father frowned and seemed to want to say something on the subject. Elena looked at him squarely, daring him with her eyes to make a remark, to say something. He deflated and looked down.

'So how come we're eating together? Anything important to announce?' Julia had always been straightforward.

'Oh, um, yes actually.' Their father wiped his mouth and glanced around, his gaze flitting nervously between each one of them. 'I have a bunch of meetings coming up this Christmas.'

'What's new?' Her mother's callous voice surprised Elena once again.

'Well, um, it's in New York and I was told I could take my family…So I was wondering if you guys would want to come?'

Julia's eyes had already lit up. Even Selena had softened a bit. But Elena wasn't going to budge.



'No.' All three had answered simultaneously and Elena's father's gaze rested cautiously on her.

'So Julia's a definite yes, Selena's a maybe…but Lena, don't you even want to think about it?'

'Not really.'

'Why not?'

'I don't know. I just don't want to go.'

Elena knew she wasn't being reasonable. Her father could force her into going to the Big Apple if he wanted to. She was still under his roof, his responsibility.

'But Leni! It'll be fun! It's New York!' Julia pleaded desperately with her, but Elena really did not feel like going on a tense family holiday. But it would be depressing to spend the Christmas season alone.

'She's right, there are a lot of things to do in New York, you know like-'

'Dad. I just don't want to go. I've got a project I have to finish, schools to apply to, people to be with.' More like one person, but he didn't need to know that.

'Kyle, if she doesn't want to go, the alright. But where will you stay? Alone in this house?' Her mother questioned in an atypical spirit of practicality.

'Well, I don't know, why not?'

'Absolutely not. There are way too many burglaries during this time. I cannot let you stay here alone for two weeks.'

'So why not hire a live-in nanny?'

'In this short amount of time? Impossible. How could we trust her?'

'Well, I don't know…'

'I know!' Julia exclaimed excitedly as Elena narrowed my eyes. This could not be good. 'Why doesn't Elena just spend Christmas at Diane's? You know her parents, you trust Diane and they, for some reason, love Elena.'

Elena gawked at her sister. She could not be doing this.

'Perfect! Really perfect! Great idea Julia. Now Kyle, when should we start packing?'

'We leave on Monday.'

'Good. I'll call Diane's parents to ask, and this might give you a chance to work your problems out, sweetie.' Selena got up and started clearing the table. Elena sputtered. Didn't she have any say in this?

'Great, I'll go book your tickets online then.' Her father shot her a genuine and relaxed smile and got up as well.

'Oh and honey, when you're done letting flies take up residence in your open mouth, do help me with the dishes.'