Loneliness, thy name is Fate,

Fate just sounds less lonely.

How could Fate decide

That it would be Lennie and not Curley?

Ignorance, thy name is Bliss,

Bliss only to the ignorant.

To not now your strength is one thing,

It is another to be belligerent.

Curley knew that he was wrong

Therefore, he was hated.

Lennie knew no better than to pet,

Still he was berated.

I knew the true nature of this man,

Who some would call a brute.

Or murderer or ruthless killer,

Names I quickly refute.

He was insulted and confused,

Scorned by society.

Why would the world reject a man,

Who was living in propriety?

My friend, I called him.

So much, we had weathered.

We traveled alone,

Alone together.

Friendship, thy name is Labor,

A labor many undertake.

But it can all unravel,

With one untimely mistake.

Loneliness, thy name is mine,

Fate, my tragic labor.

Ignorance, your name was his.

Friendship, forced my behavior.

I know it was my choice to do it,

Mine alone.

I chose to take his life.

I chose to be alone.