Over My Head

Drowned myself
In a puddle
Too shallow to cover
My face.


I tried to solve a puzzle
yesterday, late that day
But when I lifted the lid,
all the pieces were the same
and how surprised I was.

Squares, each and every one
all white, plain, identical
I stared, confused,
because they did not match
the picture printed on the box.

I Will Never Know

I will never Know
the language of the Greeks,
the feel of a robin's egg
the scent of truth and lies.

I will never Know
the horrors of war,
the look of life leaving,
the feel of grated plastic.

I will never Know,
but I would like to try.
I will never Know,
so I'm content just to


Oh, cheese in the sink
How I do wish you would move
so I could wash up