The Demon Child

Elizabeth is no saint, she's evil, not that evil where they kill you, no the sort that just likes to just make your life hell, well that's what she likes doing to her mom and dad, can they stop her.

Elizabeth Yells was 15 years old, before she was born her mom and dad got told they couldn't have anymore kids then her, so as they thought it was gods gift to them, they got her blessed and made sure she would be brought up as there little angel, hell was they wrong from the age of 2 Elizabeth was trouble, it started from when they gave her a box of felts to colour in with, they had just gone into the other room to check on the food, and when they came back they found there brand new sofa all covered in colour, they didn't think anything of it, they thought it was normal, alot of other kids done stuff like that, but it wouldn't stop, at age 6 she grabbed her cat and shaved all its fur off, her mom and dad shouted at her but she was still young, it was harmless, at age 7 she got her baby cousin who was 3 years old and locked them in a small cupboard, she laughed for 10 minutes straight until her mom heard the screams.

At 9 years old she got kicked out of school for putting alcohol in the kids drinks, the teachers exact words were '' the kids mental'' It was at age 13 that they knew there little demon wasn't a very nice person, when she didn't get the part for a play she put 5 pain killers in someones food, they didn't know what to do with her they thought there little brunette was just a young troubled person then they decided to take her to anger management classes, at first it was hard for her to progress but after a while she started getting better, she stopped cheating on her tests, well accept maths, she started respecting her parents better and even said sorry to allot of people she had hurt in the past, she even went a catholic school to prove she was getting nicer, it was great, so after a year of going to the anger management class, they decided she didn't have to go anymore as she had proved to everyone that she was a good person again.

It was when she went to the zoo that her old habits came back.

''Elizabeth do you wanna go and get something from the shop'' Her mom asked her looking at the lions, as Elizabeth looked bored.

''Sure why not'' Elizabeth said.

''Well here's 7 dollars, go buy yourself something in there'' With that Elizabeth went to the shop, in there she saw a bracelet that she really liked, it was a chain of different animals, but when she looked at the price it said 20 dollars, and she knew that she didn't have the money, so she began looking at other stuff, but she couldn't keep her eyes of the bracelet giving into temptation she decided to sneak it under her jumper, so when no one wasn't looking she took it, when getting outside she didn't tell her parents about her little shop lifting and decided it was just a one time thing never again, but since then she couldn't stop stealing from shops, it was new to her to do something like this, but it was addicting to get stuff for free, I guess sometimes she was just born to be bad.

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