Well, looking back, and seeing how people really liked it, I've decided to turn this into a story! And, if you haven't read the diary before, read it now, and even if you have read it, re-read it because there have been some changes! Other than that, enjoy!


I intently stared at the rose on my desk. With its beautiful petals and elegant stem... and the thorns had been cut off as well. Dropping my pencil, I gently picked it up again, twirled it in the air, and inhaled its fragrance. Smiling to myself, I closed my eyes. So sweet, like honey and sugar... It was as if I was in a garden now, cautiously walking through the maze of flowers. I re-opened my eyes, realizing what I was doing, and sighed.

Placing the flower back in its original spot, I picked up my pencil and continued working on my essay for English. It was hard to focus, wondering where the rose had come from. I had found it in my locker this morning and had been wondering how someone even got in it. It reminded of last year's Valentine's Day. I had gotten a card from a secret admirer. I wondered if this was the same person.

The bell rang. Mrs. Flangela collected the papers, and as she took mine, she gave me a light smile as she saw the rose. I nervously grinned back and slouched into my seat. Angela walked in holding her school books close to her chest and her chocolate locks waving in the air. Seeing me, she smiled, but her look quickly turned into a confused one as she saw the rose laying on my desk. She sat in the desk beside mine and observed the flower.

"What's this?" I shrugged, handing her the object. She did the same as I had done before, twirling it in her fingers and smelling it to assure that it was real. "Where'd you get it?" she asked. She gave me the rose, and I returned it to its rightful spot in my backpack. I zipped it only halfway so the flower wouldn't get crushed.

"I found it in my locker this morning." She elbowed me slightly and gave me a mischievious grin. "Who is he?" Again, I only shrugged and stood up with my things. She watched me leave my desk without a good-bye, and I headed towards the door to my next class. Just as I walked out, I ran into somebody outside of the classroom. We both fell from the impact, causing him to drop the books he was holding and for the rose to fall out of my backpack.

I glanced at the guy on the ground next to me, only to recognize Jack. He caught my glance, and we stared at each other. A scowl formed on my face as I grabbed my backpack and pulled myself off the ground, with him still staring at me with his blue eyes. "Jack," I said.

"Sarah." He was still on the ground, when he began gathering his books together. He suddenly noticed the rose on the ground and picked it up. "This yours?" I snatched it from his hands angrily with a quick "yeah" and tried to put it back in my backpack.

"Wow, never thought you would get one, Lylaky. Who's it from?" he asked, standing up and regaining his posture. I only stared pointedly at him and answered, "None of your business." I turned around and walked away quickly. As I was about to turn the corner, I looked back only to find Jack still staring at me, laughing, and shaking his head, muttering something to himself. Even though I didn't know what he was saying, I still felt offended. He turned around and began walking in the other direction.

I turned back to where I had been going, my next class right around that corner. Frustrated, I walked to math, trying to get the angry thoughts of Jack out of my head. Just before I went into the class, the top half of the rose fell on the ground next to my feet. It was broken. Sighing sadly, I picked it up and entered the classroom.

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