Epilogue - Shattered 打碎

Walk. Keep walking. Don't stop. Keep walking. Needless breaths caught short. Gasping for unneeded air. Arms numb, body unfeeling. Smells dulling. Sight blurring. Sounds evaporating. Taste…what of taste? A spark. Of what? Remembrance sparks. A hand flies to my mouth, touching my lips, my fangs, my tongue. Mind losing itself, thoughts diminishing. Heart dead. Eyes shift, the world catches itself in a haze. Legs grow weak. No, keep walking.


Soft padding rain made the spreading black fire dwindle at the exit. No signs of demons, but their lingering auras gave away that they still lived. There was no more wind, and the ground no longer shook. Only rain kissed my face and joined the slow stream of tears down my cheek as I walked out of Hell. Before me, Nations gathered. Remaining Vare Hunters, Werewolves, Vampires. Eyes thirsty for blood, for dominance. If they ran into each other they fought until the death, but they all came at me, their main target.

Behind me four shadowed figures walked to stand close on each side of me. Ayden and Ryan to my right. Xavier and Hash to my left. My sword materialized in front of me, shining black. I took it confidently. White swirled within the skeletal holes. Without a thought, I spun the sword downward, striking it into the ground, making it rumble. The white mist burst from it like an exploding star. Catching all the supernaturals in front of me.

I didn't have to be told, somehow I knew. That the mist was Souls returning to their bodies. But what was different about this sword was that the mystical creatures didn't change back into humans, but remained as they were, this time they regained their sanities. All halted immediately, watching me with new eyes, not menacing to me nor each other. Slowly, they kneel. Cowards. This wasn't all of them, there were still more out there that would need to be caught and killed or reverted.

Coughing, I leaned against the black Soul Blade. My grip failed and my body grew weak. I didn't know if it was real or just my head but I heard it.

Heaven isn't too far.

Slowly, I shook my head. "Heaven is where you are."

Soul? Shattered.

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