Friendship Tears

By: Kaitlyn Del Valle

Chapter 1: The Beginning of It All

"What's wrong now?" Darcy had come into my room at the most perfect time. I stood up, looked him in the eye, and said," Why can't you understand that as a girl, I must feel free to express my emotion freely in my room." He must have tuned out after I said, "express" because now he was out in the hall way saying something boyish that I could live without hearing. Darcy was a nice older brother, but sometimes he will not let you have any privacy. I had been crying earlier about how awful it was to be knowing the rudest, meanest, grossest girl in the state of California. The three musketeers' clan, Harley, Tammy, and Mandy (myself), was having a little trouble.

I had known Tammy ever since first grade. We were as close as sisters. As the numbers in our class got smaller, we got closer. We had just met Harley in forth grade, the horrendous year all this started happening. Not blaming it on Harley, I was blaming it on Tammy. Harley and I had barley known each other before then, but when I saw here on the first day of forth grade I was so jumpy and happy to see her! Tammy had noticed this and started getting grumpy. She said," Go away, I want to be alone for once. You know, sometimes you act like a little baby, always needing something." So I let it bounce of me and walked over to greet Harley. She seemed happy as well. We hugged and skipped to the forth room in the hall.

Later on at recess, Tammy started playing with me and excluding Harley. How childish! I felt that we should all play together, so I bounced a ball over to Harley and played with both of them at the same time. That went on for the rest of the year, but in fifth grade it got even worse.

Finally, the last year of grades school, I felt like I had grown up over the summer and good thing I did. Tammy had started playing only with Harley. Harley had done the same thing I had done and played with both of us. Not that I didn't want to play with Tammy, she just wouldn't let me. Things got worse; Harley was being black mailed by Tammy. She said," If Harley won't sit with me at lunch and instead sit with you, I will tell everyone who Harley likes." Harley had one huge crush on her neighbor, Ryan. Now you may be thinking, "Oh that's not bad, he wouldn't hear it", but yes he would. Ryan had a little sister I forth grade that went to our school named Isabella. I was starting to miss my best friend and was wondering why she cared if he found out. I didn't like anyone at the time, so I guess that's why I didn't know. But that was right before summer, and it ended with the term.

"BBBBBRRRRIIINNNGGG" Oh no, not again, if I didn't get out of my house now, I would be late for the concert. I would have to warm up I front of the audience. I hate it when I have to do that, I had to do it just yesterday because Darcy started getting worried for me! I grabbed my cell, fifty bucks, and my jacket. In the middle of September it can get a little nippy in leggings and a leotard. The rest of my costume for the play "Once on this Island" was at the stage. My mom drove my dad, Darcy, and I to the stage and I hopped out and disappeared behind the big hunk of wood. I loved doing plays, especially when I was the lead, which I always was. Everyone loves to here my voice when I sing. All the people that I loved were there to support me. At the end of the show, Harley came back stage and handed me a basket of flowers. "My favorites, sun flowers!" I was so happy to see her.

"So do you like them? There from my garden."

"Do I like them? I love them!"

"Good, because I didn't have any time to go down to the grocery store. But I figured that you would like something more natural anyway."

She always knows what I like. Once, my mom sent out my birthday party invitations, and she put on them "socks" for one of the things to get me as a joke. Well Harley can be a little literal and she gave me three pairs of socks for my birthday. Darcy has apparently waited to long and all of my friends from theater were going gaga. Darcy is the most popular boy at Blake Avenue Middle School and where ever we go he is always being swamped by girls from my class like Anne Trildum, she supposedly loves him. I'm glad she doesn't pretend to be my friend though, that would be a night mare come true! Harley and I are somewhat popular, but I think it's only because we're forced to ride home with Darcy. I hate it when I have to sit next to him in the car because he reeks after basketball practice! I mean I do to, but girl sweat is a better smell than boy sweat. Way better. Thank goodness school doesn't start until the 11th of September. I hate being the new kid again. Sixth grade at a new school will be weird. I'm glad it's not with Tammy though. One of the boys in our fifth grade class is going to school with her now, and he said that she is the meanest person you could meet in the halls of Woodland Hills Middle School. Blake Avenue is a nice school, better that Woodland Hills.

Two more days 'till the first day of school. Harley and I have scheduled our first day completely. All the way done to who gets to sit next to Darcy in the morning. Because if you're the first person to be seen with Darcy on the first day of school, you're automatically popular at Blake Avenue Middle School. And if you sit next to Darcy in the morning, you don't have to sit next to him after he's gone through the sweatiest workout in the world. I don't know why cheerleaders would kill for that smell. That's why I'm going out for girls' basketball. I think I'll make the team just fine, considering I'm 5' 6 at the age of 11. Darcy is about a foot taller than me, and all the coaches have heard how I've beat him a thousand times at home. My mom likes to brag, who wouldn't? Harley isn't going for a sport that requires a height minimum; she's a foot and two inches below me. She must feel like riding home with giants with my brother and me. She told me that she's going to do something more educational, math. Harley is going to be the next greatest thing to hit the math squad. She can calculate the square root of 13,678 in less that a minute. I'm doing well in math; I just don't do it in my spare time. We all have things that we're good at Harley's is math and mine is basketball.

The last day of sleeping in so late, you'd wake up to the smell of lunch. I took that last chance, and boy so did Darcy. I slept 'till 11:30am and Darcy slept 'till 1:45pm. It makes me wonder what he was doing last night. Either way, he's home and nothing on the news looks like it was dumb enough to be done be teenage boys, so far. For my last lunch at home, since I missed breakfast, I had my favorite, rigatoni, from my mom's friend's restraint. Harley called and we talked about what we were going to wear tomorrow because as a girl you always need a second opinion, otherwise you'll be worried all morning until you can fix it at lunch. We went over our class schedules too, just to check and make sure that we were in all of the same classes, which we were. Everything except lunch, my mom said that I had to meet with Darcy every lunch and get my money for the cafeteria. I can't hold my own money because my mom thinks I'll loose it. Everything was set for tomorrow. As I lay in bed, I think to myself," Now how am I going to sleep? I can't count because that's what I do to keep me from going to sleep. So I'll just think good things about tomorrow."