I don't know when feelings for me had started to arise inside of me, but they did. I remember how in pre-school, there was always a boy named Jared who would "save" me from a boy who wanted to kiss me, named Zack. Jared and I were as close as brother and sister. He lived on the same street as me, and we played together everyday in his sandbox. We would go to pre-school together and come home together. But things in pre-school were simpler, writing was coloring and scribbles, computers was playing a game on how to take care of a pet T-rex, science was making a batch of gack, and math was starting to write numbers. But even feelings, if you got punched in the arm: sad, if someone shared their candy with you: happy, and if someone was not giving you the sand shovel: mad. But no, nothing is ever this simply in seventh grade.

Chapter 1

How could I not see that Casey was only hanging out with me to get to Jared? Was I stupid? No, my grades showed that I was far from stupid. But how could I miss this strange behavior? Never again would I let here come to one of my parties!

Casey Lungbar was the snootiest girl in seventh grade history! All she did was walk around and act like she was all that people were talking about. Which was true, but people were talking about her in a bad way, not wanted. She had come to our school, Saint John Eudes Middle School, in sixth grade. And now she was trying to get my boyfriend, Jared Thompson, to go out with her!

I, Katie Kregger, was the most popular girl at school. I had earned this title because of my older sister, Kylie Kregger, and my older brother, Kyle Kregger, had gone to this school many years before I have. Kylie is 15 and Kyle is 18, and he still lives at home. Ok, so it wasn't that long ago, but long enough for both of them to graduate already. Anyway, so Jared and I had known each other since birth, no kidding. We were born in the same hospital, same day, and we were placed next to each other in the nursery.

We have been going out since we turned thirteen. That was the promises we made two years ago. Once we were both thirteen, we thought it would be just fine if we dated each other (because secretly, we were both head over heals for each other). Jared was a tall, medium length blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and sort of had muscles. I was also tall, but I had long, multi-color wavy hair, with brown eyes. We both had tan skin from playing basketball everyday on a sunny day. I (of course being a thirteen year old girl), felt that one day, that Jared and I would get married, live in a beautiful house, and have twins. But, I knew (because of the multiple times my mother had told me this), that things change and I might find another person that I love by the time I'm ready to get married. But I knew I never would.

Jared had older siblings as well, twin brothers named George and Larson. They were short, red-head, blue-eyed, 20 year-old boys who couldn't pick up a chic for their lives. But there was also his older sister, Jenny, who was tall like Jared, who also had blonde hair and blue eyes that was the same age as my sister. Jared's parents were never home ever since George and Larson turned 18. They were always off on a vacation in some tropical island. I once heard that they had bought another home in Ireland and had lived there for about a year. They got tired and started exploring again. But they never stayed home, here in Woodland Hills, California.

So, at school Jared was also a "hot topic" because of his beauty and the fact that he was dating me. Don't make that last sentence make you believe that I'm selfish, because I'm not, that's just facts. We were the power couple of the seventh grade. Everyone had already started to imagine what our kids would look like. From what I've heard, I was going to have three kids, one looking exactly like Jared (knew that, everyone wanted the gorgeousness to spread), another would look like me, and the third would be a Katie/Jared combo. They would all be five years apart, the first a boy, the second a girl, and the third a girl as well. Oh, and someone with no life had already planned our wedding.

Everything that I did at school, and even sometimes at home, people would find out what I did. For example, Jared and I went to the movies last Friday, and on Monday, all that people were talking about was how we went to go see "Little Miss Wonderful," and how I had cried when the grandmother had died. Oh, and also, how Jared put his arm around my waist to comfort me.

Jared is a nice guy, he's always there for me when another family catastrophe happens. Like, when my grandfather died two months ago, he was at my house everyday with a box of tissues and a good memory of my grandfather. And when my cousin went to jail, he would walk with me to school (which he does all the time now that we're together) and we would just talk about it all. He's a good listener, but he also inputs in the conversation. I don't think there is a better boy in the world, than Jared. The number one thing that makes him the best, is that he really does care about me and how I feel. I love that about him, I love him, but I can't tell him that.

Chapter 2

So, remember how I said that Jared and I play a lot of basketball? Well, we're both really good, and we're both captains of teams, his boys' team, and my girls' team. Ever game I'm always called out first, being that I'm the captain. I'm the only one that get's noticed, which I hate because I'm not the only one on the team.

As the girl's team captain, I have a busy school schedule. My day starts with waking up at 6:30am, getting ready for school, and walking to school with Jared at 7:00am. We get to school in about ten minutes, and then I'm off to homeroom with most of my friends. Second period is science (my favorite period, I love science). Recess is hanging out with Jared and the team to make sure that everyone knows to be at the gym right after school so we could review last week's game. Then I head of to Study Hall with Jared and review science for the fun of it (and it distracts me from watching Jared too much). Fourth period is sign language class with Jared again. I always sign to him that "it's fun to sign." Lunch is Jared and me time, and fifth period is PE. Sixth period is Art.