"Sir! Sir wake up!"

Trace opened his eyes and glared at the ceiling above him. He lifted his head off his pink and white pillow slowly and glared at the person calling him.

Although, when he looked at the man, he realized that person was an overstatement.

Said monster man reached his hand out to touch the damp wall and hunched over, breathing heavily. His gut was hanging over the sloppy tunic he had donned on, and his bronze hair was all kinds of messy. His feet weren't feet at all. They looked like that of a bird's, and the hand that rested on the wall was clawed and shaped like a bird's as well.

Birdman Trace remembered calling him when he first arrived. "Well?" Trace grumbled and sat up. He looked down at himself and realized he was naked. "What the hell do you want? What's so important that you couldn't go to someone else?"

The birdman took a deep breath and raised his head to look at Trace. His eyes were the color of dead leaves, and he had a beak. "Sir there's a new death." He rasped. His voice sounded like a caw of a crow in Trace's ears.

"You woke me up to tell me about someone dying!?" Trace roared and stood to his full height.

The bird cowered under his gaze but nodded slowly. "Aye sir. Please come down and see for yourself." He mumbled meekly and took a step back.

Trace growled at the bird and grabbed the front of his tunic. "Stupid incompetent creatures!" he yelled and threw the man to the other side of the room. He knew he'd be reprimanded for doing it but right now he just didn't care.

"I swear without me they'd all just burn! No one does this crap the right way anymore!" the large man ground out through clenched teeth. As he ranted, he grabbed the first piece of cloth his hands touched. Grabbing the cloth and putting it over himself, Trace stormed out of his chambers, down a flight of stairs, and into a large dining room.

No wonder the bird was so tired. Going down the steps was enough work for Trace.

There was a man standing on the other side of the room. Trace looked him up and down once and sighed to himself.

The man was healthy looking to say the least. He was tall and skinny. So skinny that Trace mistook him for a girl at first. It didn't help that he was wearing a skirt, heals, and a halter top.

Trace tried to contain his laughter as he walked towards the man/woman. He caught himself wondering why he didn't just get surgery to give himself tits. The older man's musing was cut short when he neared the smaller man.

Thumpthump. Thumpthump. The sound was like an angry sirens call in Trace's ears.

"You have a fucking heartbeat!" he cried, unable to contain the anger that bubbled threw him. Red passed in front of his eyes briefly as he struggled to contain his inner demon.

The man tilted his head to the side, causing his red gold hair to follow the movement cutely. "Well don't you?" he said innocently and looked at Trace.

"Siren!" Trace yelled and fisted his hands behind his back. His entire frame shook with his barely contained anger.

Before a minute passed, a burst of flames appeared beside the red haired man and Trace. The flames took the form of a woman slowly, and dispersed as quickly as they came.

The woman stood to her full height. She only reached to about Trace's shoulder, with still made her seem tall. Her hair was a flaming red color and put into a high pony tail, and she was dressed in flowing skirts. Her shirt consisted of a strip of cloth covering her breasts only. She bowed lowly to Trace and stood tall again.

"Siren what is the meaning of this? How the hell did a human get in here?!" when he said human, his lip curled over his teeth in an ugly expression mixed with rage and disgust.

Siren glanced at the man and blinked her amber eyes slowly. "I am not positive sir. I will investigate immediately." Her voice was sharp yet monotone and her expression showed nothing more than a small spark of interest in the matter at hand.

"Get to work." Trace barked and took a step closer to the man with the heart. Siren disappeared in a burst of flames just as soon as she came and left nothing behind. "Tell me human, how you got into here."

The man huffed in a girlish manner and crossed his arms over his flat chest. "This human has a name you know." He said and looked up at Trace. He was at least a head shorter. Just an inch taller than Siren at best.

Trace resisted the urge to do to this human what he did to the birdman. "Enlighten me with your name then." He said in a clipped manner.

"My name is Silvan. Who're you?" the red head said and looked Trace up and down. His eyes seemed to become wide when he looked at Trace's still bare chest.

Trace ignored the question and went on with his path. "Well then Silvan," he sneered, glaring down at the smaller man. "Why are you here?"

Silvan clucked his tongue in annoyance and shrugged his bare shoulders. "I was hoping that the head honcho of this joint would be able to tell me." he shrugged again, turned away and sniffed daintily. "But seeing as he's nowhere in sight—,"

"How dare you insult me in my own domain!" Trace yelled before the younger man could finish and slapped him.

Silvan cried out and stumbled backwards, tripping over his heels, and landed flat on his rump. His cheek was already puckering up and turning an angry red color. He held the wounded area tenderly and looked down at the ground.

"You are in my domain. You will respect me. Get up you pathetic excuse for life." Trace growled and glared down at the man on the ground. He saw the pain in Silvan's eyes, and for a moment, he felt guilty. It quickly vanished when he thought of his wounded pride.