A/N: Here is a random poem that I put together, there is no meaning behind it, just a demonstration of word play if you will. This poem is written from two people's point of view. The first person's POV will be in bold and the second person's POV will be in italics. Please R&R!

Losing The War

By SilverIsamu

Your words sound sincere

So I turn, wishing you'd stop me

Giving me back the one thing that I held dear


But it's never as easy as one, two, three...

You've told me thousands to millions of times before

Letting go of what you are and transforming into who you are isn't easy

There was never time for just enough

Always now or never

All or nothing

Not even for me

So don't stand there and tell me you never once truly loved me

Because each time we caressed, I felt this love you say was a bogus imitation of love

Countless streams of tears are bound to be shed

Because my eyes cannot take the pressure

Do you really expect me to walk away and forget you?

Can you really not find it in your heart to tell the truth every once in a while?

I took a chance on loving you

So I am taking a chance to look back at you

The one who played with my heartstrings

For some sign of regret...

Trying to show you, without words, what exactly you are doing to tear a hole right through me

My facial expression is one of longing, hurt, and lost love


Maybe you did mean what you said

And I am just lost in my own delusions that you'll change your mind and run after me

I turn and keep walking away from what used to be...

Haunting memories will never be disapointed

As I lay awake at night, trying not to dream of you

Screaming from the inside out

How could you do this?

And without no remorse?

This only makes me wonder what kind of people I fall in love with...

I told you what I have never wanted to say to you

That I didn't never love you

Truth is...

I DO love you

I just couldn't bring myself to say it...

Because you deserve better

Better than someone who could never give you anything from nothing

You're turning away from me

And now that I have told you that I can't call you back...

For fear of contradictory

I wish that I could tell you that I already miss the way you used to hold me

The way you kissed me, softly and tenderly

The way I liked it...


If only I could think past what makes me happy

And focus on you, the one I hold dear...

I never meant to hurt such an angel as you

A creature so wonderful that it returns for more scarring and bruising from its heart's keeper

I look up, my expression emotionless

And you are looking back at me

Perhaps looking for some sort of sign that what I said was all a dream

I can't let you know I long for you the way that I do

I must remain void of all hints to such a truth

In order to move on

I didnt ever want to get this close to anyone

But you tore down my barrier at first glance

And now to rebuild it...

And relive my life alone

You turn back around and presume walking out of my life

It worked, all to well...

I still have no response

I should just give up and be ready for loneliness...

I thought I knew you better

How long does it actually take to really KNOW someone?

A lifetime sounds about the right estimate...

Even then you are caught off gaurd by life's little demented surprises

Dark clouds continue to roll in...

I will not say anything...

I'm leaving it all up to fate...


Something catches my eyes...

"Wait!" I scream hoping you will hear me...

I heard your plea

I was right, you love me!

I turn, a grin plastered on my face

This is it....


I loose my footing and fall downward

Towards sharp rocks and the icy murderous waters...


I am running to the edge of our lives and I cant see you

Where are you, my love?

My breath accelerating...

I call out your name

Still no sighting, or answer

Why couldn't I have told you the truth about my true feelings?

Then I would still be in your arms...

We only get on chance to love as much as I loved my one and only

And because I thought differently

I won the battle in love

And I lost the war....

A/N: There you all have it, this was really weird how it turned out, but I thought it was pretty cool! And in a way, it teaches a very important lesson, do any of you get the lesson? Please R&R! I love you ALL!