Note: Special references to author ''I want to be me'' a recommended read and a very talented author. This song, or poem I have used a clever idea she has incorporated into her poem ''Silent screams''

Out there the moon is shining

Shining like a movie star,

Even the stars are twinkling

Like a majestic work of art


Out there it's so surreal

It's nature's gift to mankind,

Moonlight is glowing down

At us,

A beauty anyone can find


But then there's,

An angel like you

Who gives out light around you,

Dreams do come true

Through darkness our souls find you,

Babe I love you

You're just so perfect for me


The world needs you,

'Cause I'm addicted to you


People come out to see it

It's nature's call to living things,

They're so fixated by your sight

They flock to what miracles you bring


Follow as I'm their leader

We're the world's trueborn fighters,

Nothing can stand before us to clash

Our belief in you is far mightier


'Cause we love,

An angel like you

Who gives out light around you,

We fight for you

Our souls have finally found you,

Babe we love you

You're just so perfect for us


The world needs you

Yet not everyone stays true


I feel a strong connection

A force no sword can hope to sever,

Spirits have tried to break us

Their hearts gone cold, sour and bitter


But I defend you from them

You don't deserve their cruel intentions,

So I break their heartless core

You deserve the best off all affection


'Cause when an

Angel like you,

Who gives out light around you,

Will be abused

I promise I'll protect you,

Babe I love you

You make all my dreams come true


My soul is bound to you,

I can no longer survive without you.

I do not like this at all =P it's….all over the place. Haha, and corny too. As a side note, the angel referred here can also be seen as a divine being.

''If you fight for something you truly believe in, then you can never truly be beaten''