Elements of Prophecy

Clint Cook and Naomi Stoltzfus

Chapter 1: Trenzix

There were once a hundred worlds one could speak of till many fell to chaos and destruction. Downfalls of mighty civilizations were their destined demise in both history and future. Many succumbed to hate, pride, greed, and other such sins that left them at a loss in the past, making a future something quite difficult. One could only write books about a utopia, but it was well known to be a myth. Dystopia was the one and only solution to the pace all races were going at, a delusional step forward when in reality, one is actually falling back.

Though the numbers do not reach past the hundreds, there are still many that grow. But it is said that one day even the greatest of worlds will crumble in ruin at the hands of Elemental Council. Their hands tainted with greed and eyes diluted with blood lust. The Council holds the elements in their fingertips and control them at will. Though such a gift could be used for the greater good of the surviving worlds, their minds are corrupted like shattered innocence of a human.

Their plan is to tear down the center world where all elements are born in the City of Gold. Then no one but themselves could luster the wonderful elements created. Many creatures fear the day the Council succeeds in finding the City of Gold, but others have hope yet for heroes spoken about farther in the prophecy. It is said that the Council will be taken down by the elements they worked so hard to maintain and control. This will unite the worlds once again and let them prosper finding peace. But then again, the utopia most long for is just simply a myth…


Zaith sat on the windowsill while looking down at the town below her, empty of people. Rain poured down on the outside, the raindrops making a constant sound every time one pelted on the glass. Every building was white and looked the exact same as the one next to it, the cookie cutter shape used for every time the cost needed to be cut. The rain created puddles on the smooth stone ground which created a reflection of the gray sky above, also making visible every drop that splashed down in a ripple effect.

Zaith was only three feet tall, four feet if you counted her long jagged horns sticking out of her head. No, she was not a human, but a banished cursed demon of the forest. Her shape was most human, but feet and hands more like a reptile. Her tail was long and swayed back and forth as if she were a feline. Her rough skin was gray as her glowing eyes were yellow.

"Are you sure I can't go with you this time, Trenzix?" Zaith asked finally breaking the silence between her and her elf friend when she turned to face him.

Trenzix looked like a normal 20-year-old human except for his pointed ears that had a few earrings in them. In fact, he was probably taller than the average earth human being, but nothing too noticeable. His skin was fare and his eyes were a deep crimson red. His body was slim and nimble, making him almost swim in every piece of clothing he put on. His hair was long and a dark red-brown color, all put back in a loose braid that reached below his upper back. His nails were painted black and his outfit was made of no colors other than black and red. His style was like a twisted jester, mainly because he was a famous fool not too long ago in an elf world.

"Not this time, Zaith. Sorry, but you're just too noticeable," Trenzix apologized while trying on a top hat to cover his abnormal elf ears and looking at how it looked in a dresser mirror. "How does this look?" He asked while turning to his demon friend for her opinion.

Zaith blinked a few times wondering if the man was actually serious. "Like you're mental and confused, my dear. This is the year 2012, Tren. And who says you don't look abnormal at all? You're the one with elf ears and blood eyes. People are going to think you're sick or something. At least I could pass as some awesome puppet or something. I'll ride on your shoulder and talk to people!"

He chuckled while taking the top hat off and putting it away. "Somehow I don't see that working out for us too well."

They were located in a small apartment complex on the second floor. The floors were made of wood and the walls had cheap paint covered on it. The furniture was old and out of style, but the two didn't mind it at all. They wouldn't be in the human world for much longer.

He tired another hat on that looked like a baseball cap. He posed for Zaith again with a smile waiting for her input again.

"Ew, it's even worse than the top hat. Who would ever buy a hat like that?"

"Not sure. I just bought whatever looked like something I could use." Trenzix took the cap off and set it by the other reject hats. He put on a black beanie cap and showed it to Zaith with question and preparing for another rejection.

"Hey, that looks cool. I like that one! Keep it!"

"Really?" He did a few cartwheels across the room and stopped before he crashed into the wall. He returned to a perfect posture and checked to see if the hat was still on his head and it was. "It's a nice fit."

"Yeah, you'll get all the ladies doing gay stunts like that," the demon said with sarcasm thick in her tone.

Trenzix took his hat off and pretended to curtsy to his friend. "Why, thank you, madam. Your flattery is too kind." He grabbed a small mirror and black eyeliner off a counter and started to apply the heavy makeup around his eyes. "Ladies love the men that wear the thick eyeliner, am I right?"

"It depends on what kind of chicks you're trying to attract. If you want the slut whores like yourself, keep adding on more black."

He laughed while working on the other eye. "Right."

Zaith looked back outside the window watching for something she knew wouldn't happen. "So do you know where to find these people? Are you sure you don't need my help for this?"

"I'm sure. You just sit here and relax. You can compose weird faces at children that walk by and make them cry if it pleases you." He put the makeup away and strutted over to his demon friend with a smile on his lips. He bent down to her level and patted her head like she was dog till she slapped his hand away with an annoyed expression. "I promise we'll have fun together after we get out of this world with the other element users. It's just that Earth doesn't believe we exist and we can't mess that up for them."

"Whatever, I don't care. Just go get your people so we can hurry up and jump to the next world."

"As you wish, Zaith dearest." He bowed while backing away. He put a long scarf around his neck and grabbed an umbrella before he left out the door and into the hallway to get out into the street.


The heavy rain poured down on him as he every step made a small splash in the puddles below. He walked down the lonely streets while humming a small happy tune to himself. He twirled the umbrella above him that flung the rain all around when it landed upon it.

The wind blew past him making the weather colder and less pleasant.

He went wherever his senses told him to go. Wherever it was guiding him, he could tell he was close by to where he needed to be. In fact, it seemed to be getting much closer at a pace faster than he was walking.

A teenage girl turned a corner and ran right into Trenzix who dropped his umbrella and stopped her from making the both of them fall. Her hair was long and blond. Her short dress was black with a few purple designs at the bottoms. She wore dark high heel shoes and had a tattoo of a zipper around her left wrist.

She had tears in her blameless blue eyes.

"Whoa, are you alright there?" He let go of her when she quickly pulled away afraid of being close to him. "Are you hurt? Do you need help?"

"Get away! Get away from me!" she cried and went to run again till her wrist was grabbed by another man that came around the same corner. "No, let go!"

"Little wretch." The man threw her to the ground and the girl curled into a ball trying to protect herself from whatever would happen next to her.

The man was big in muscles and his eyes were a cold brown. His fingers had a few drops of blood washing off from them. A large backpack was worn on his back with different guns and weapons kept inside. His baggy outfit was black and a little torn from running around.

Trenzix stepped a little in the unknown man's line of sight between him and the girl. "Pardon me, sir. If you'd be so kind as to answer a simple question I have, it'd-."

"What?" the man retorted harshly before the elf could finish.

"What did she do wrong that has her running and you after her?"

"Stay out of this," he demanded and grabbed the girl. He yanked her back up to her feet as she struggled every step of the way.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I have another question," Trenzix interrupted them again.

The man glared at him and pulled a switchblade out of his pocket. He flipped it open with one hand and held it towards the elf as threat to back off. "Did you not hear me the first time, kid? I said stay out of this."

"Oh, yes, I heard what you said before, but if you'd just allow me to-."

"It's either you've got a lot of nerve or you're just really stupid. Leave, now. This is none of your business."

Trenzix poked the end point of the knife with his index finger and the small prick caused a drop of blood to trickle down his finger and onto the ground to dilute the rain water. "Let's play a game."

The man narrowed his eyes but was still amused and willing to hear what the elf had to offer him.

"If you can stab me with that knife you're holding, you can have the girl and I'll leave you alone. But if I can stab you with that knife first, I can have her and you walk away with no questions asked."

"Do you have a death wish or something?"

"No, I'm just bored."

The man grunted and shoved the girl aside when she bit his hand around her. He then lunged forward to stab the elf but with one smooth step he dodged it.

Trenzix stepped slightly to the side while ducking when the man went to slash him from a different angle.

In frustration, the human turned and went at him with more speed while thrusting the knife forward.

Almost like he had no back spine at all, Trenzix bended back with his the palm of his hands on the wet ground. He bended his arms and brought his legs up. He clapped his feet together holding the blade with them.

The man tried to pull the knife out from between the elf's feet, but found it was suck between the stranger standing on his hands. He tugged again but his result was still the same. "What is this? Some sort of joke?"

"Yeah, it's hilarious, no?" Trenzix laughed and twisted his feet around the man's wrist, jarring the blade from his hands as the entertainer turned his head and caught it in his teeth with a big smile. The elf quickly let his legs drop and rolled underneath his opponent and rising to sand back to back.

Before the man could react to Trenzix's swift maneuver, the elf reached back and grabbed the man's shoulders and jumped over him aligning their heights before swinging down and planting his feet into man's stomach full force, kicking the wind from his lungs.

Trenzix kicked off his stomach and flipped back watching his opponent fall back gasping and clutching himself in pain. He landed on his feet in perfect posture and took the knife out of his mouth. He twirled and spun it around with just two fingers for a few seconds as he waited for the guy to catch his breath and stand again. He threw the blade to the ground and it slid over to the man. "Try it again."

He pulled out a gun, not willing to play Trenzix's game. "This is your last chance to back off. I'm not kidding around this time."

"Stop it! Don't shoot him!" The girl dropped to her knees while throwing her entire body over the man and grabbing onto the gun in an attempt to stop him.

"Stupid kid!" He pushed her off and accidentally fired the pistol.

Trenzix jumped a little while a bullet unexpectedly flew past his head barely missing him. "That was uninviting to say the least. Hey!" He jumped again when he was shot at with another misguided bullet. "Little girl, please don't interfere if you can help it! It would be greatly appreciated!"

The man shoved her away and hit her with the back of the gun. "You're so annoying!"

She lashed back and hit him across the face with her nails making a few scratches along the way. But one good hit was all she could get in before the man had her pinned down ready to make her pay the price.

Trenzix glided over light on his feet. He took his long black scarf off and jumped over the man. He wrapped the scarf around the guy's neck and yanked him off the young victim when he landed and tried to run a few paces to put some distance between the two. He was forced to stop when the man grabbed hold of the cloth and pulled back.

The jester flipped forward in perfect form towards his opponent. He threw the scarf under the man's arm and around his back under his other arm. He grabbed the ends as the man tried to get back to his feet and rip the cloth off. The elf wrapped one end around the guy's wrist and the other around the second wrist from behind.

"Now who is the puppeteer and who is the wooden puppet?" Trenzix asked while controlling the man's arms completely with his scarf by moving it up and down as he pleased and forcing him to drop the gun.

He went to throw Trenzix over who willingly flipped and landed before him.

Trenzix pulled the ends of the scarf crisscrossed over his chest with the man's arms and tied the piece of clothing in a complicated knot with the guy's hands in a hard position. He ducked down and watched as the guy struggled in his new binds. The water in the cloth made it harder to undo the joker's knot work.

"What is this? Who the hell are you?" he demanded to know finally willing to listen and interested enough to know.

Trenzix pushed some of his hair that fell out of his braid back behind his ear and looked at the man with a more serious expression in his blood-red eyes. But it quickly changed when he saw the girl getting up and running away as fast as she could. "Hey, wait! Don't leave! I need to ask you something!" He took off after her leaving his victim tied and bewildered.

She turned a corner and fled down a narrow alleyway. She almost slipped in the rain a couple times, but kept her balance. Her dress tore a little when she tried to squeeze past a small opening in a broken gate.

The elf jumped up and kicked off the brick walls of the buildings next to him and used the stable surfaces to leap over the tall gate and land on the other side. He hastily followed her into an empty warehouse. He assumed it was a holiday from the lack of people in the area.

He slowed his pace when he got in and didn't catch which direction the girl went. He then looked back to see if anyone was behind him while thinking to himself that he should have taken care of the man after them to begin with. He hoped it wasn't a costly mistake that he'd have to pay for later when events turn against him.

He turned back ahead when the echo of metal falling to the floor sounded through his ears. He then spotted the girl swearing to herself and trying to hide again behind machinery. "Please don't run. I don't want to hurt you. I promise," Trenzix said as friendly and welcoming as possible, but his calming didn't help too much when she tried once again to flee from him.

The warehouse was dark and dreary. The place was more than likely ran by men who cared more about their job work than sweeping up the thick mess on the floors that consisted of shredded metal pieces, broken glass, and sawdust. Welding tools were left out on the rusted tables as the machinery was left unplugged. The lights were bright but too high above to cast a healthy light down bellow. The windows had never been washed or even touched as a few were cracked or smashed. Steel pillars stood tall in certain areas to help hold up the ceiling as many long rows of boxes and tanks filled a good half of the large open space. What the contents of the boxes were, he was not aware of.

Trenzix walked farther inside and looked behind one of the shelf rows he saw the girl run to. But she was gone. "I'm sorry if I scared you. Truly, I am. I never meant to do such a thing. I was sent here to look for a few people, people who have powers like me. I just want to talk."

"Go away! I don't want to talk to you or anyone! Thank you for saving me, but please just go away!" she called over from a distance.

He then heard more objects falling to the ground and the girl letting out a sharp cry. He rushed over and turned a corner to see her fallen on the ground with her left ankle slightly twisted. A table of different pipes and scraps of metal was turned over on its side spilled around her. "Are you alright?"

She looked scared at first, but after a second she buried her face in her hands and started to sob.

He knelt down to her eager to see how bad her twisted ankle was. "Does it hurt? Are you okay? Are you in pain? I don't think it's broken."

"It's not the ankle!" she finally spoke while trying to calm down.

"Oh. Then what's wrong? Did that man do anything to you? How's your head? Did he hit you hard?"

She managed a small smile and chuckle through her tears as she wiped a few of them away with her arm. "You ask a lot of questions. Who are you anyway?"

He was relieved to see her smile finally which brought a happy grin to his face as well. "I'm Trenzix Paince, and I'm just worried about you. A lovely young lady, like yourself, should never be out on the streets by herself or thrust herself on another when she could get hurt. Now, how are you feeling honestly? No hidden wounds on you?"

"No, I'm fine, thank you. My name is Sanfarah, by the way." She gripped his hand as he tried to help her up. She winced a little with her ankle, but Trenzix was all over the issue almost sweeping her up off her feet while trying to lean her weight on his. "You're very kind. Why were you looking for me again?"

The elf put his hand before her. "Like I said a little earlier, I'm like you in a sense." A flame flickered in his palm from nowhere and yet did not burn him when it consumed his entire hand under a supernatural control. "I was sent to this world to look for the other humans who can control the different elements. You've all been brought very close to each other today and I need to find all of you. I need your help."

She tried to pull away from him and stumbled a bit. "I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about. I don't control any elements like you. You're mistaken."

"I assure you that I am not mistaken." He took off his hat to show her his pointed elf ears. "Look, I'm not from this world and my powers are not normal. Your powers aren't normal either. I am in need of your assistance for a quest."

"My mother taught me not to talk to crazy people," Sanfarah said nervously while trying to limp away.

"I'm not crazy. I'm serious."

"It was nice meeting you, but you can go home now. I need to get back," she insisted.

He went to help her along which defeated her purpose of trying to get away. "You can't get home by yourself like this. Let me help you."

"You're a persistent one, aren't you?"

"Please, consider my request. I can prove it to you if you wish."

"I would, but there's a man outside wanting to use me to get my family's money. I need to get to the police and then back home. If you could help me do that, it would be much appreciated. Maybe then I can think about what you have to say."

"Of course. Where is the police station?"

A gun shot flew past the two, the sound making the birds perched on the beams fly away from the new danger.

"Get down!" Trenzix wrapped his arms tight around Sanfarah and dived to the ground behind the turned table just as another bullet shot past them. "I should take the gun and knock him out next time perhaps," he said with a small nervous chuckle. He looked a little over the table and ducked down again when the man fired at him from the entrance of the warehouse. He let go of Sanfarah and started to get up but not in the open. "Stay here, please. This'll only take a minute."

She nodded and the elf put his black hat on while jumping over the table dodging another bullet. He ran towards the man still crouched low to the floor. He grabbed a plate of metal and used it as a temporary shield as he grew closer with every step.

The man ditched his pistol and pulled a machine gun out of the bag on his back.

Trenzix stopped and quickly hid behind a pillar when he was rapid fired on. "How does he even carry something like that on his back?" he asked mainly himself. He peeked to the side when the shooting stopped to see if it was safe, but drew back when he started up again.

He pulled a small blue ball out of his long sleeves and it lit up in flames at the touch of Trenzix's fingertips. He threw it out and it rolled over to the man. After a few seconds, the ball exploded. He came out and flipped into his hands. When he went to flip forward back on his feet, he slammed his leg down hitting his opponent on the top of the head with his heel and using his head to then flip backwards in the opposite direction. He landed and kicked the machine gun out of the guy's hand when the man fell forward. He jammed his knee up into the man's head finally knocking him out.