Chapter 13: Razien

Razien slowly awoke and blinked groggily.

"So he wakes," Zaith greeted dully.

"What happened?" He sat up and tried to shake his head to wake himself but stopped when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his skull. He then tried to reach up and found his arms where restricted. He became instantly alert to the possibility of danger.

"Calm down. You're safe." She laughed at the boy's reaction.

Razien's vision cleared and he saw that his demon friend was now in her human form and bound by chains. He looked around and saw the rest of him friends were in the same condition. They were in some sort of dungeon. The walls where white stone all around. There was a small vent in the ceiling and a white metal door to one side. Other than that, there was nothing to be found in the room but themselves.

The gang was spread out around the room. Razien sat in the middle with Trenzix a few feet to his left; Sanfarah and Serien were side by side on the wall closest to the door with Zaith propped up against the opposite. Thain was to the demon's right sitting in a corner; Only Razien and Zaith appeared to be awake as the rest were unconscious.

"So, what happened?"

"We were ambushed. Your brother and I tried to fight them off but there were too many. I tried the white flag approach, but your brother just doesn't know when to quit. Now look at him." She nodded over to him.

Razien laughed slightly at the sight of his brother wrapped head to toe in chains unlike Zaith who was only chained from waist up. He and the others all just had their hands chained behind their backs. "Yeah, he has that habit."

"Yeah, then they put us in here. I tried to get the door open when I woke up, but not luck."

"How'd you get out of your chains?"

"Easy. But that's my secret. I had to get back in them though, before they came back and caught me. So how did you all fair?"

"No better. We were wondering what happened to you guys when I blacked out." The throbbing in the back of his skull continued. "They must have ambushed us."

"Cowards. I hate Gorillas."

"Who were Gorillas?" Serien asked groggily.

"It's a war tactic," Razien explained.

"So the pretty boy knows something, eh?" Zaith grinned at her sarcasm.

"Why am I in chains?!" Serien yelled and struggled against her chains, bumping and waking Sanfarah.

"Quiet, you're giving me a headache!" the demon hissed.

"Don't tell me to be quiet."

"Even when your tied up, you two still argue," Razien groaned. "So, what did you learn about them?"

The demon thought for a moment. "Well, they were not amateur fighters, very skilled. I'd say they've trained for years. Their armor wasn't thrown together either."


"Yeah, it looked like a uniform, plated medieval-like, but all white…why are there always white people?" She sighed and Serien shot her a dirty look. "These guys fought like a unit. And this room we're being kept in isn't low grade either. These guys are defiantly part of something big."

"You think they are an army?"

"It's possible."

Razien cursed under his breath.

"Authority issues?"

The elf stirred before he could answer and they all turned at when they heard Trenzix yawn. The elf sat up and stretched against his chains. "Morning, you guys."

"How are you so calm?" Serien asked, embarrassed by her own waking reaction.

"Because Zaith is."

"Okay… And you came to that conclusion that fast?"

"Yep." The elf looked around and saw Thain with his head down in the corner. "Thain?" There was no answer. "Thainy?" Still no answer so he turned to the others "Is he asleep?" They all shrugged. "Wakey wakey!"
"Damn it, I'm not asleep. I'm ignoring you."

"Oh…Morning sunshine." The elf smiled.

"Freak show, why do you bug me?"

"Because we're friends."

"No we're not."

"Your right…"

"Thank you."

"We're best friends!"

The others all started to laugh and Trenzix smile widened while Thain growled.

Sanfarah finally broke the silence that followed the laughter. "Where are we?"

"Not sure," Razien answered.

"How are we gona get out?" She looked around the room and her eyes found the door. "Think we can get though?"

"No, Zaith already tried. But we might want to go ahead and get out of our chains."

"Wait, let's make a show of it." The elf stood happily. "Let's see who can get out of their chains the most artistically."

"Why not? It's not like were trapped in a dungeon" Serien laughed and the elf cheered.

"Easy enough." Thain started to stand with some difficulty and fell back down. "Screw this." Thain fell into his shadow and appeared standing in the elf's.


"Shut up." Thain's face contorted slightly as his stained against his chain. His eyes flashed slightly and the links of his chains began to bend and stretch. After a few seconds one finally failed and he let the chains drop loosely at his feet. "Your turn."

The elf hoped to his feet and stretched a little. "Ladies and gentleman, I give you…the escape!"

"Get on with it."

Trenzix stuck his tongue out at the teen. "First, we begin with some contortions." He began to raise his arms behind him past a normal level and there was an audible pop as he moved them over his head and back down in front with another sickening pop.

Serien flinched. "That's just not right"

"And we finish with a pyro show!" The jester pursed his lips and brought the chains up to him and began to blow a steady stream of fire at them. They first glowed red hot and then finally melted, sizzling when they hit the floor. Zaith whistled and he bowed to her. "Zaith next!"

"Fine, fine. Watch closely as I disappear." The demon stood and began to shrink leaving behind a pile of chains.

"Where ever did she go?" Thain mumbled bored.

Zaith in her smaller demon for sprang out of the chains and posed atop of them as they all clapped.

"Oh, thank goodness you're back. The suspense was killing me," the teen continued in his dull tone.

"Brother, can't you be nice for once?"

"No, now let's see what you got."

Razien laughed and shook his head. "These are my chains."

"So you had some thing on hand that you could be tied up with? How is that funny?"

He looked over at his brother who nodded. "Because, that was a mistake on their part." The younger Hertic lowered his head and began to focus. The chains around his hands shifted slightly and than suddenly began to glow faint silver moving around his arms and pulling against the lock which clicked open and fell away. His chains began to slither up his arms like snakes wrapping themselves around his chest into their normal position. "Tada?" He looked up smiling awkwardly.

Trenzix clapped excitedly. "Tada indeed! That was awesome! How did you do it?"

"Don't get the geek started. I can't understand half of what he says" Thain laugh

"Well." His brother scratched his head.

"Go on, bro. Just the short version, please."

"Well, what do you know about ultra violet light? When these chains were smelted, I put in a filament that you'll find in any UV light bulb. That's why I can manipulate that light and control my chains. It's pretty simple when you think about it."

Serien gave him a confused expression. "If you say so… My turn, right?"

"Told you he is a nerd. Yeah, your turn." Thain patted his brother on the back.

The charms on Serien's jewelry rattled momentary as a ball of water formed between her hands which she splashed on her bindings.

"Oh wow, you got them wet. Amazing trick," Zaith asserted sarcastically.

"I'm not done, bitch."

"Someone it snippy. Then get on with it." The demon smiled satisfied with getting a rise out of the girl.

"I don't see why you and Thain don't get along. You're both mean."

Thain gasped dramatically. "What do you mean 'I'm mean?' And it's because there's only room for one demon here and that's me." He pointed his thumb at his chest.

"Don't kid yourself, white boy."

"Can I finish?" Serien integrated, growing impatient.

"If you must."

Serien closed her eyes and hummed slightly as she worked.

"Great, now she sings."

The girl ignored the comment and continued. Suddenly frost began to appear on her chains which spread and increased until the chains were entirely incased in ice.

"How is it she's the one that can do that but you're the one with the icy heart, eh, shoulder monkey?" Thain sneered at Zaith.

"Why do you two keep interrupting me?" Serien yelled before anyone could respond and twisted her wrist hard in the chains and they shattered like glass.

"Wow, Serien. That was cool. How did you do it?" Sanfarah asked quietly.

"She speaks!" Thain laughed and Sanfarah eyes darted away.

Razien smiled at her. "It's actually not that hard. Just about everything shatters if you freeze it enough. You know if you dip a racket ball in liquid nitrogen it'll…"


"Yes brother?"

"Don't start."

"oh, sorry." Razien rubbed his neck shyly.

"Razzy, what's a racket ball?"

"Just a ball, hun," Zaith said, hopping up on the elf's shoulders. "Who's left?"

"Um, I am." Sanfarah raised her hand slightly.

"Right, so what you got?"

"I don't know. I've never had to escape chains before. I don't think I can."

"Here, let me." Razien walked up to her and touched a hair pin she was wearing.

The girls flushed a dark crimson before she managed to answer him. "Sure."

The younger Hertic took the beret from her and inserted it into the lock. After a few moments of wriggling and twisting it, the lock popped open and he freed the girl from her chains. Reaching around her he stuck the pin back into her hair and caught her eyes.

"Aw, how gay." His brother laughed.

"Something tells me they don't teach lock picking in the books you read," Zaith commented.

"Well, no, but my brother and I had to get by in… certain ways."

"Ways?" Trenzix turned his head quizzically.

"They were criminals," Zaith answered him again.

"Can't blame us for thriving. Life is survival of the fittest." Thain flexed slightly.

"Trust me, I know plenty about that."

The teen scoffed. "That so?"

Suddenly the walls snapped open and a lower rumbling filled the room as they all braced themselves for what ever was coming. Thain quickly grabbed his swords as Razien stepped closer to Sanfarah, and Zaith took her human form and flexed her claws. However no enemy appeared instead a cloud of gas began to fill the room and they all passed into unconsciousness.