Oh wow. I am very sorry for taking this long. I know I promised this to be ready ages ago but... Yeah. Well, I'm sorry. Also, I'm sorry for this being so short.

This story will probably only have one or two chapters. My original intent was to keep it a short story and that's what it's going to be - I have two longer stories waiting to be written. Thanks for all the people who have read and/or reviewed!

- Puhvi


I should probably tell how it all started, how we met and started going out and all that. It's not very romantic, though – we didn't fall in love at first sight in a cosy little café or something like that. No, we met through the internet. A few months ago I'd joined a bulletin board about art and artsy stuff in general and she'd been a member of the site for a few years already. Her alias was Lynx and I still call her that sometimes – my alias was Peachy, which is where the nickname "Princess" came. You know, from Princess Peach from the Mario games? Careen was a hardcore gamer, as well as an artist, so she knew these things – she even talked me into playing.

In the beginning we just discussed some art related things on the board. She'd been drawing since she was ten and painting with oils and gouache since her thirteenth birthday. All the practice had birthed results: she was probably the best artist on the whole board and had just started studying in an art school for her degree as a real artist. I was just a hobby artist, I preferred to sketch stuff with a pencil or charcoal and was attending a normal high school. Sure, I took a bit more art classes than most, but it wasn't a passion for me, it was just something I liked to do. Careen really helped me to put some feeling into my work, though, commenting on stuff I could do better and what was already good.

A bit later we started chatting on MSN because it was easier and faster. We started talking more about stuff not related to art, things about our normal lives, friends, music – stuff like that. I learned that she lived alone, her family lived a five-hour train ride away. She worked part-time at a grocery store and occasionally did some modeling jobs, mostly just for the students in her school, though. She had two siblings – one little brother and one elder sister. Her sister had moved abroad, though. I told her that I was a single child, living at home and would try to get into med school once I finished high school, in about five months.

After one month on the board I decided to attend a meeting of them members of the board – it was quite close to my hometown and I had the money to spare. Careen came from further away and we both stayed at the same place – another girl from the board. Before and after the meeting we talked a lot – we slept in the same guest room since the place only had one extra room. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to see again.

A few weeks after the meeting, during Christmas vacation, Careen came to visit me. She said she had something else to do over here, too, so while she was at it she could as well spend a few days with me. On the first night we were on my bed watching a movie – I didn't have a couch in my room. I fell asleep, what with the movie being as boring as hell, and woke up to the feeling of someone's lips on mine. First I freaked a bit but since I'd always considered myself bisexual, I went with it. That's how we ended up making out on my bed and, later, in the shower with the water pouring down on us. It almost felt like one of those rain scenes in movies, no matter how cliché that is.

I think I fell in love with Careen in that shower. Sure, I'd felt attraction towards her and a slight crush, but the shower changed everything. It wasn't just the fact that she was beautiful and gentle or that she was kissing my neck on just the right spots, no. There was something else to it, something artistic. I think I fell in love with the way she carried herself, the way her short, dark hair was plastered to her skin and the way the water poured down her face and body, making her make-up from yesterday run down her face. At that moment all I wanted to do was get a camera, sketch book or something and just make that moment, that sight last forever.

Of course it couldn't last forever so when we'd run out of hot water we had to get out of the shower. Dressing was a bit awkward for me, but Careen didn't seem to mind – she was really confident about her body, with all the modeling she'd done. Before we'd gotten our clothes properly on we spent some quality time on my bed again, because I couldn't keep my lips from Careen's and she couldn't keep her hands off my body. She left a few marks on my neck, but I hid them with the palestinian scarf I wore quite often.

I'm not going to go into details of my Christmas vacation with Careen but I spent the majority of it wrapped around Careen, either kissing or sleeping. We did manage to get the sleeping thing to work, mainly because we were so exhausted that we couldn't stay awake anymore. We also visited some nice spots in my hometown that Careen wanted to take photos of.

Before you ask, yes, we had sex – at least in the way that you would describe sex between two women. She went down on me and later I did the same to her and it was – yeah, it was amazing. The ecstasy of it combined with the feeling that she was mine, mine alone, was incredible. The first proper orgasm of my life left me shaking and feeling like I was in heaven, even though I was brought there by an angel of hell. Which is probably why our perfect happiness was disturbed after such little time – the forces of hell wanted their angel back to where she belonged.