Bus 559

Sophie was only going to school, but instead she gets on her normal regular bus to only get scarred for life.

Sophie was just like all other girls, happy, pretty just your regular teenager. It was May the 15th a normal day for her, she was on her way to school, walking on the way there she sat down in the bus stop waiting for her bus to come, minutes later a man around his mid 30's with jeans and a leather jacket on sat next to her in the bus shelter. At first it didn't bother her because normally someone would always sit next to her, but he began smiling at her allot, she thought that she was just getting a bit paranoid it was nothing to worry about, but a couple of minutes later he began speaking to her.

''Hi'' He smiled at her.

''Err Hi'' She said frowning at him, it wasn't right for a man his age speaking to her but she kept on ignoring that. He didn't say anything else to her because seconds later the bus came along, on the bus, she began taking her phone out and just began playing her games on them, that was until the man who said hi to her earlier came and sat next to her, she just looked at him gave him a sort of dirty look, as to say piss off, but it didn't work because he stayed there and then kept on looking at her even more. It wasn't until she got off the bus at town that she started to panic, he followed her to wherever she was going, that's when she knew she had to say something to him.

''Exscuse me, not being rude or anything, but can you stop following me'' She said as politely as she could.

''Your really pretty you are, can I have your phone number ''He asked With a dirty grin, god how she felt like hitting him.

''Listen, I'm 14 years old your not having my number, just leave me alone'' She shouted at him, at the edge of crying.

''Whats your name, maybe we can get together some time'' He said ignoring her.

''I'm not giving you my name, now go away''She screamed at him, people around her took no notice it was as like she wasn't even there.

''How old are you and please tell me your name'' He asked reaching over to try and touch her, seeing what he was going to do she backed away.

''I've just told you I'm 14, leave me alone, your not getting my name'' She screamed running off to her bus.

As soon as Sophie got on her bus she began to cry as hard as she could, he didn't touch her but he tried, and it wasn't nice for someone as old as him to try and ask a young girl her age for her number, after that Sophie went straight to school and told the teacher, they in the end got the police who checked the cctv cameras in the bus depoo's and sorted the problem out, but still after that day it left a scare on Sophie.

I know it was a short story, but this story is actually true it is dedicated to my best friend, I just wanted to warn people everywhere that even in the morning when your going to school your not safe, always look where you are, anyways I hope you liked it anyway Lovesss..