"A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have"

-Gerald Ford, 1974


Adrian Glass had finally become accustomed to lying on his back while staring at a sheet of steel just a couple feet above his head; sometimes, he found it to be quite comfortable, and drifted right off to sleep... but not tonight. Tonight was one of those nights where Adrian lay awake resenting his station in life. For as long as he could remember, he had wanted to be a writer, and now he was doing it for a living, yet these weren't quite the terms he had hoped for.

Sometimes, he felt guilty for resenting his life: Adrian was one of the chosen ones. He had a roof over his head and three meals a day, he got to travel and get paid for doing something he loved, yet, somehow, his thoughts always gravitated towards the negative. Over the last couple of years, Adrian's superiors had come down hard on him for things he had written, and he was starting to wonder of what he was doing really counted as artistic expression.

The silence of the room gave way to the crinkling of the sheets as Adrian rolled over onto his side and stared woefully into the single red light on the wall. Ever since he was a boy, Adrian had trouble sleeping if there was light in the room. Some of his best ideas came to him while he was supposed to be asleep, but lately that had come to a halt. Working as someone else's slave seemed to make his desire to come up with his own ideas.

After several moments, Adrian turned to look at the clock: 2058. 'That's right, it's still early,' Adrian thought to himself, 'They'll be taking roll soon.'

"PFC Arnaud"

There was a short silence

"PFC Duncan"

Another silence

"Corporal Holdsworth"

There was a faint tap accompanying a gentle green light from the bed above him.

"Corporal Glass"

Adrian absently reached up and touched the screen above him. The familiar green light seeped gently down onto the side of his face for a moment and faded into the darkness.

"Corporal Hess..."

With a heavy sigh, Adrian turned over onto his stomach, his arms wedged below him, and his face pressed into his pillow. His eyelids, as if they knew it was time for lights, started to feel swollen and begged to be closed. Considering how the last few days had unfolded, he wasn't about to deprive himself of those few precious hours of sleep he was allowed. Besides, he wanted to be rested for another glorious day in the 703rd Journalism Battalion... "Si vis pacem para bellum!"