A curly haired girl sat on the comfy sofa in the middle of her guy-infested living room. The girl, Maddie, sat alone, quietly reading, buried deep into the blankets and pillows that surrounded her, with her iPod blasting in her ears. As she listened to her music and read she did not hear or see her older brother, Evan, come in with a bunch of his friends.

"Come on in guys that game is gonna start soon!" Evan laughed as he shoved open the back door. Evan and and three other boys came through the large house, stopping at the kitchen first.

"I'm starving!" A short pudgy boy announced.

"You're always hungry, Luke." Laughed another boy with blond hair.

"Lets see what we have." Evan whispered as he overlooked an already empty Diet Dr. Pepper can and a bag of pistachios, that were left out regularly after school from his sister. Letting everyone in the house know that the youngest and only girl had made it home. Evan looked through the cupboards finding nothing then went to the pantry.

"There's Doritos, popcorn, pretzels," He said as he pulled out all of them. "A box of granola bars, Pringles." Each boy grabbed something they wanted and headed towards the fridge.

"Hey, Evan, can I have some of these pistachios?" A tall dark haired boy asked.

"Yeah, Austin, go ahead." Evan answered distractedly as he looked through the fridge. The boys gathered their food and headed through the swinging door that led to the living room. The boys were loud and rowdy as they entered, pumped for the game.

"When does the baseball game start, Ben?" Evan asked the blonde boy.

"5:30." Ben answered taking a seat on the love seat with Evan. Luke made a beeline for the big Lazy-Boy recliner, that was always occupied by Maddie and Evan's dad, Charlie. Evan turned on the large TV as Austin made his way to the other open sofa that was hiding Maddie. Evan flipped through the stations until he found it, letting out a shout of excitement that earned a round of shouting from the other boys.

Each boy was oblivious to the girl, their attention honed on the game. The girl was oblivious to each boy as she was absorbed into her music and reading.


Austin, his eyes glued to the now starting basketball game, wasn't paying attention to where he was walking, stumbling over things. As soon as he felt the couch he plopped down not bothering to look until he heard a scream.

"OWW!!! Get off me!" A girl tangled up in blankets and pillows yelled at him.

Each boy jumped as they heard the unexpected scream. Austin instantly jumped off the girl. He looked down at the girl. She lay there red-faced, breathing deeply. One long tanned leg stuck out of the blankets showing off her purple shorts. Her curly chocolate brown hair lay crazily around her head, splayed on the pillow. Her book and iPod lay on the floor from where they fell out of her hands.

"I'm so sorry!" Austin said as they girl got up. "I didn't see you there."

"God, can't I get any peace in this boy-infested house?!" Maddie muttered, loudly, to herself as she knelt down for her book and iPod.

"You okay?" Evan asked as she stood up.

"Oh yes! I'm perfectly fine. I go to school with a fever and sore throat, that know one noticed. And decide to come home and take a break but no! I can't even get that!" Maddie shouted sarcastically, her voice faltering near the end or her rant. "Great! Now I'm losing my voice!" She yelled throwing her hands up in exasperation. She turned to leave the living room, when she saw Luke with her box of granola bars. "Hey those are mine!" She plucked the box from the boy's grip and stomped off.

Quietness stayed in the living room until they heard Maddie's bedroom door slam.

"Wow! Evan you never told me your sister was HOT!" Ben laughed.

"Ew! Dude that's my baby sister!" Evan grimaced.

Austin snorted. "She didn't look like a baby."