"Um, wow." Mary said, her face deadpanned.

"Exactly what I thought." Miley gulped, pushing her glasses up.

"Yeah, Evan did say he lived in a mansion." I replied, dully.

Let's see here.

Evan, Austin, Luke and Ben all have been best friends since the 7th grade. And Ben Farris, apparently, is the heir to the multi-million dollar Farris Insurance Company. They, Ben's parents, moved their little bundle of joy, now Senior Ben, to our little Indiana town to get their child away from the dangers of New York City. If only the knew every time they leave on a business trip their "little bundle of joy" throws a huge keggar for the whole weekend.

But, this weekend is the first weekend we have been invited to such party. And guess what? I don't care. Oh, Mary might be over the moon excited to watch drunken basketball players hit on skanky girls while doing keg stands. Well, good God diggity damn! I'd rather spend my time doing something productive and sane. I don't want to end up assaulted by some drunken jock that probably has a disease.

"Well, are we coming or going? I asked Miley and Mary.

"Oh!" Mary squealed, coming out of her trance, turning from the mansion.

"Hold on one sec!" Sprinting to the nearest car she leaned to the side mirror. Moving her hair to the side and smacking her lips together, she wiped at the mascara underneath her eye.

"How do I look?" She asked, standing fully up and fixing her skirt.

"Hot." I replied.

"Slutish." Miley said, pushing her glasses up and crossing her arms.

"Thanks." Mary smiled, fluffing her red hair.

"Ready?" Miley asked, peering at Mary.

"Of course!" She smiled, leading the way to the pulsing mansion.