Hello all my readers and thank you for your unbelievable patience as I write a new story and try to get it on here. This is only a an excerpt from one of the chapters of my new story that I'm devoting most of my time to and as I said before, don't worry, I will be reposting my Regency again when I have finished revamping it.

I've posted this excerpt to test the waters, so to speak. Please let me know what you think about it!


Effie slowly opened her eyes, listening to the sound of the birds outside and heard leaves rustling as a light breezed lifted the curtains and swept into the room. She looked at the clock and was happy to see it was after nine. Finally, she had been able to really sleep in and not have anything to worry about. Rising from the bed, she pulled her hair in to a loose ponytail and headed to the bathroom. She stretched as she made her way downstairs to the kitchen, smelling the coffee she'd set on the timer the night before. She smiled.

"Were you ever going to call me?" a voice called out from behind her.

She screamed and her hand flew to her chest as she spun around. There was Riley, sitting in the living room with a cup of coffee in his hand, staring at her. She felt like he could see right through her with those blue eyes. "What are you doing here, Riley?" she asked out of breath, turning back to the kitchen to get her own coffee. "I take it Ann told you where I was." She looked back at him and was surprised to find him leaning against the kitchen entry. She hadn't even heard him move. She felt extremely self-conscious standing there in her boxers and tank top. She cautiously smoothed her hands down to her abdomen, making sure everything was covered.

Riley looked down at his mug and then back at her, his face not giving anything away to her as to what he was feeling. "Answering your second question, yes, Ann told me you were here," he said flatly, "and as to your first, I think that should be obvious." He took a step towards her and stopped when he saw her move back. "For Christ's sake, Effie, what the hell is going on with us?" he asked, sounding frustrated as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Please, Riley," she began, but he wouldn't let her finish.

"Don't," he bit out. "Don't start that shit again, it's not you. You're not the type to back down from a fight. Tell me what's going on."

Effie wanted nothing more than to cry and could feel the tears building, but her pride wouldn't let her cry in front of anyone, so she got angry instead. "I barely understand it myself," she yelled, "so how the hell do you expect me to explain it to you?" She set down her coffee on the counter and crossed her arms. "What do you want me to do, Riley? Wave my magic wand and make something happen?"

His face darkened. "Effie, stop," he said slowly.

"Oh, I know," she continued, "I'll look in my crystal ball and find the answer there!"

"God damn it, Effie!" he shouted. "I said that's enough!" He threw the coffee mug, smashing it against the floor in front of the fridge, effectively shutting her up. He breathed deeply as he fought to control his temper, staring at the broken china. "I don't know how long I can keep doing this."

She could feel something in her chest begin to hurt, almost as if her heart were actually ripping itself apart as she heard those words. "Doing what?" she whispered, terrified of what the answer would be.

He looked up, straight into her eyes as he answered. "Watching you walk away from me," he said, walking slowly towards her. "I did it when we were kids because I couldn't do anything about it. I did it when we were teenagers because I felt I had no choice," he continued, "and I did it two weeks ago because I didn't know what else to do." He couldn't have been more than a foot from her when he stopped, trapping her between himself and the elbow of the counter. He placed one arm on either side of her and leaned close, pretending to examine something on her shoulder. "But now I do."

Effie tried to look at anything except him. Her breathing began to get faster the closer he came and when he stood in front of her, she felt like she could barely breathe. "What would that be?" she asked quietly, cringing inwardly at the small quiver she heard in her voice and gasped when his eyes slid back to hers, noting the look she'd seen many times before. It was dangerous when he looked at her that way.

"Not let go," he said softly as his mouth claimed possession of hers and he wrapped his arms around her, not giving her a chance to escape as one arm went around her waist, pulling her tight against him, and the other slid up to cup the back of her neck. The moment their lips touched, his world was right again; he regained his equilibrium and everything was still once more. He groaned in satisfaction.

She audibly gasped at the contact of his lips against hers, catching the smell of his leather jacket and cologne as she inhaled. She didn't realize how much she'd missed this, how much she'd missed him until now and it suddenly hit her that she really did love him. It wasn't just a childhood crush that she'd held on to for all these years. No, it was something more and if his actions were anything to go by, she wasn't alone in that thinking. She felt herself being lifted on to the counter top, then heard his jacket hit the floor. Oh, dear.


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