As ugly as you are beautiful.

And yet I cringe

at this euro-centric hate.

This deprecation

of our eternal love affair

with individualism.

These stunning denunciations

of our poverty,

of our racism,

of our imperialism,

and we can't forget

(the haughtily declared)


To regale thee

with songs of liberty

justifies nothing.

But as the old world cringes

and the third suffers

(unmistakably and unspeakably)

We remain blissful?



We remain self-consciously


to something our Atlantic neighbors

(those colonial mercantilist that so readily forget there enslavement of the earth)

will never understand,

a cause so devoid of personal


The world eyes us with steady suspension

and condemns and consumes

with eyes and mouths wide open.

Call us devoid of culture

devoid of meaning

sneering hateful and boorish.

But what we are not is selfish.

As we bleed and hemorrhage from


we spew ourselves upon the decaying world order.

Offering up our will.

I write this today

a liberal who has gleefully condemned


But I revoke my harsh criticisms,

and youthful


America remains unique in its disposition

and its commitment.

While Wilson


Roosevelt (the one with the stick that is)

may haunt us

in the worlds leering eyes.

But I hate to break it you y'all

we aint goin' nowheres.