Have they loved and lost and left you behind

To stand at the edge of your mind's void?

Do the broken shards of your heart remain to find?

My dear, I'm here

When you scream through the vacuum of the lonely night

When no reason or truth seems to appear in sight

When the worlds devoid of gray save black and white

My dear, I see your fear

I resurrected you when you were in your grave: dead

I healed your wounds with my love when you bled

I redeemed you when from life you fled

My dear, I'll make it clear

My oxygen fills your lungs when you're not breathing

My voice resonates in you when you are screaming

My presence guides you is beside you when you're dreaming

My dear, I'm still here

I'm the hallucination you created to survive

Through your lies and excuses I'm alive

I'll cease to exist if you open your eyes

For the only way I'll sooth you

Is if I hide the truth from you

That I'm imaginary