Once upon a time, there were three orphans at the orphanage Saint Nicole's. Their names were Zeke, age 15, Kiera, age 12, and Alura, age 14.

Zeke's parents were murdered when he was 3 years old. He was found by a pedestrian, crying over his parent's bodies, asking why they wouldn't wake up. The pedestrian took pity on Zeke and took him to the orphanage.

Kiera's parents didn't want her, and sent her to the orphanage as soon as she was born. She never knew her parents. There, she met Zeke who became he older brother, mentor and protection from everything mean.

A few years later, when Zeke was 10 and Kiera was 7, a new girl was dropped off at the orphanage. She was 9 with a bad attitude. Although they were nervous, Zeke and Kiera approached her and befriended her.