As the day fades,
And the night rolls in,
As the quiet ensues,
My mind wanders.

And I question life…

Is life worth living,
When the person you want to share it with,
Does not want to share it with you?
When you help another up after they fell,
Only to brush it off without a thank you?
When the "love" you give,
Is returned with "hate"?
Is life worth living?

Or is there more out there?

Is there,
Someone out there meant for me?
Is there enough room for me in the world?
Do I mean something more,
Than just another soul on this earth?
A day where I can live,
Without regretting my decisions?
A future for me?

If there is someone watching over me...

Why do I,
Constantly have to be haunted by my past?
Regret the choices I have made?
Constantly cry at the loneliness I feel?
Have to be here,
Among the people who cause me anger?
Feel like I am doing so much,
And doing absolutely nothing?

Do you see it now?

Why I am,
Always just content?
And not happy?
Always cold?
And my warm heart rots?
Always by your side?
And never giving up?
Only to suffer the pain of my sadness?

Do you get it now…

As the sun sets,
And I think,
I think of you,
And how I have no future with you…