a/n: This is a song I'm going to use for something in the (hopefully) near future. It's not completed, but this is all I can get for now, and also all I need. What do you think of it? And who's got guesses for what it's gonna be used for? XD


Have you ever been

so lost and lonely

that'cha didn't know what to do?

I was wanderin'

lost and lonely

waitin' out here for you.

I don't know why

it took so long

to see though clearer eyes

Ya found me now

took so long

But now lookin' in your eyes

You're the one I'm lookin' for

and now i know what all the

pain was for

It's so good

Knowin' you are loved

Forget all the bad times

'Cause I've found you now.


A recording of me singing this can be provided if necessary, but I would not suggest that. My voice is horrible. Plus, for the way it will be used in my little story, I need a male voice too. So you can hear it with just my crappy voice, or you can hear it with my crappy voice plus the beautiful voice of a boy who can actually sing. You pick :)