Chapter one.


What the fuck have I done?

Sitting on a very comfortable satin covered bed, naked, lost and with my head throbbing so painfully, like there was some annoying bug in my skull that wouldn't stop hammering the walls that supported my brain. 'What the fuck have I done?' was the first thing I thought of when I woke up that morning.

Looking at the naked cute ass next to me- not mine, obviously- flashbacks from last night's events began to play in my head:

There was me having another fight with my mother; my super busy father walking out of the house to train his football team, not paying attention to my emotional needs as usual and then me calling up my girlfriends and inviting them for a night out in the city using my father's platinum card and then finally me ending up with this naked guy currently lying next to me, who I think was going to get me into a huge freaking scandal because he happened to be Daniel Blair.

Daniel Blair happened to be a footballer. As my father was the manager of the great Blakewood Football club, most of my associates were footballers and sports people and Daniel Blair was not only a player from my dad's rival team, he was also ten years older than I.

I was only eighteen years old when this love story began.

But that was not the point, the point was that I was in deep, deep shit with my father. Daniel Blair was also the kind to 'kiss and tell', he was famous for sleeping with topless models and bragging them on The Sun newspaper. By tomorrow he would be telling the papers that he slept with his rival's manager's daughter- me- and daddy would not be happy to hear that.

Slowly, getting out of the bed and trying not to wake Daniel up. I hoped that he would forget my name and my face. I quietly put my clothes back on and gathered all my things. I stank of alcohol and sweat from last night but I didn't have enough time to shower, just in case Daniel woke up. I didn't want him to see me at all. There was still a chance of him not remembering me, I hoped to God he wouldn't remember me.

I sneakily exited the hotel room, with my blackberry in one hand and my Luis Vuitton purse on the other. I could tell that I looked scary from the way the other rich girls in the hotel lobby were staring at me but I didn't care, I needed to make a quick exit.

Being the daughter of the manager of an unbeatable football team had its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: you get a to meet a lot of fit, rich guys and money for non-stop shopping but the disadvantages are: your wild life is recorded in the newspaper for everyone to read and laugh about and that you are constantly being attacked by camera flashes.

I realised the disadvantages the moment I stepped out of the hotel door, There were paparazzi everywhere, trying to snap at my horrible, naked face. I didn't have a hat to cover my greasy hair and sunglasses to hide my massive eyebugs. Why the fuck did I think I could get away with this? I almost forgot I slept with someone famous and people were bound to call the media in for gossip.

The crazy people kept asking me questions about Daniel Blair, and I only ignored them. I was lucky enough to be escorted by a few security guards to a car provided by the hotel. I immediately told the driver to drive me home, I gave him the address and off he went.

I was shaking of course. It wasn't my first time to be attacked by paparazzis- I have dated a few actors and musicians in the past. But this was a national scandal, not only would my father give me some bullocking because my sex life was broadcasted over the national paper, but also my make-up free face would have to be featured on every newspaper and magazines to.

I hated my life but the whole affair turned it upside down.


"ALEXANDRIA SERENE DEMETRI!" My father burst into my room the morning after the hotel incident. It seemed that he'd just finished reading the paper.

I was scared of my father but I was also happy that for once in two years, he actually paid attention to me. He'd been too busy with his football team that he hardly spend any time with me. We used to be really close but since my parents divorced two years ago, everything just changed between the three of us. The divorce was my mother's fault, she was such a slut for sleeping with my ex-boyfriend; because of that I chose to live with my father and visited my mother once a week but we always ended up fighting.

That's how fucked up my life was.

I pretended to be asleep so I groaned when he shook me, "Alexandria, you have some explaning to do," he demanded,

I groaned, "Talk to me later, dad. I'm still sleeping," I muttered,


I sat up lazily and rubbed my eyes with the back of my hands, innocently. "Where to, daddy?"

"The club, you're spending a day with me. I'll be keeping an eye on you and you will be working there, that's your punishment! We're leaving in twenty minutes!"

I groaned, he knew how much I hated his club. It was my rival when it came to my father's attention. The team was getting ready for their premier league game against Westfire FC, Daniel Blair's team. I didn't mind football but I'd grown to hate it as it was, as I said, a rival to my father's attention. My father was a football fanatic, he was like the David Beckham of his time, a football superstar before he retired five years ago and now he owned his own club here in Blakewood. I supposed him having his own club was good as it allowed him to send me off to a private school and give me more shopping money but I hated how he never had enough time for me. We used to watch football together, I never missed any of his football games when he was still playing. I was always there cheering for him, but after the messy divorce with my mother, he'd completely turned his back on me and thought nothing but football. The only time we talked was when he was lecturing me about the importance of money and critising my wild night life.

I got out of bed, went straight to the bathroom and had a five minute shower. I felt guilty for what I did the day before so I did what my father told me to do but in a way, I was excited to spend a whole day with my father even though I knew that the whole Blakewood team would be there. I hadn't step on the Blakewood Stadium for months.

I put on a light green T-shirt and my black tracksuit bottoms and since I couldn't be bothered to fix my hair and my make-up, I tied it up into a high ponytail and put on baseball hat. Grabbing my blackberry, iPod touch and my Chanel sunglasses I hurriedly exited my room and went downstairs. It was the beginning of summer and the sky was cloudless; I thought of doing some exercise today. My father gave me a satisfied look as he led me out of our house without saying a word, we got into his silver Jaguar and drove off.

I knew half of the team already from social gatherings and ceremonies my father forced me to come. There were two young guys in the team who I hang around with in school; I was the one who referred them to my father. They were Jamie Michaels and Andrey Moore and they pretty much treated me as their queen in school.

Both shot me disappointed looks the moment I stepped in the changing room. The players were ready for their practice as everyone was in their sports kit, and I was thankful for that. It would be awkward to be the only girl in a room full of half-naked footballers.

While my father was making his motivational speech and the schedule for the team, Jamie and Andrey quietly moved to my side.

"Lexie! What are you doing here?" Jamie asked me in surprise.

I made a face at him, "Punishment," I said, pouting at him. Jamie chuckled while shaking his head.

"Oh, is this because of the Daniel Blair scandal?" Andrey asked quietly.

I nodded. "Something like that," I answered,

"What were you thinking?" Jamie asked in disgust.

"I was under the influence," I answered and the two only rolled their eyes.

They were used to my party life; they knew that I had two one night stands since I turned eighteen three months ago. Jamie and Andrey were like my bitches in school, they did whatever I asked them to do. Jamie was the playboy one while Andrey was the matured and committed one, his girlfriend was my close friend Catalina Ashley and they had been together for ten months.

My father's speech was finally over and the team began to move out of the changing room. "Constantine Ashley, I need to speak to you," my father announced.

Jamie and Andrey said goodbye to me as I followed my father to his office. One of the players soon followed. I made myself comfortable on the sofa in my father's office. In a lazy position with my feet up, I put on my earphones and began to listen to my iPod touch in full blast as I watch my father and the new player conversed.

I couldn't hear what they were saying but I had a glance at the player. He was probably around my age, he had messy sandy coloured hair, sun-kissed skin and since he was standing with his back on me. I got a chance to check out his butt and I had to say, he had a nice pair, he was wearing his football shorts and a slightly lose white T-shirt. I was a sucker for the boys' butts as you could probably tell by now.

Suddenly the boy's head turned and he looked at me- no, more like glare at me. And I saw how hot he was, really deep blue eyes stared at me in irritation I turned to my father who was also looking at me disapprovingly.

I took out my earphones and innocently said, "Yes?" knowing that they wanted me to be involved in their conversation.

My father gave out a surrendered sigh, "This is Constantine Ashley, he's new in team. He'll be helping you clear that scandal with Daniel Blair," he said,

I raised an eyebrow. "How?" How could we clear the scandal with Daniel Blair and how could this Constantine guy help me? And how could his parents name his Constantine? It was such a feminine and strange name.

"He's going to chaperone you everywhere you go," my father replied, I looked at him confused and how was that going to help? He turned to Constantine, "'I want you to take my daughter straight home after practice, you may now go."

With one hesitant nod, Constantine walked out of the office after giving me yet another cold stare. "What was that all about?" I demanded my father once he's gone.

"I want you to date Constantine, not only it will clear your scandal with Daniel Blair, you could also help him get some publicity. Constantine is a very good football player. He has a lot of protential, he's been with the Club for a month now and I believe in his skills. I want his name to be known and I need you for this, since you're currently an attraction to the media," my father explained, I could only stare at him in shock.

My father was unbelievable.

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