By Marcus Sun

I am of the earth, yet my heart yearns for the stars. Each night, when Ra's star dips below the horizon, I find my eyes drawn to the heavens in all its glittering beauty. The stars, ah the faraway stars, the glimmering orbs from whence we all came.

I alone among all my children remember the star from which we descended. I alone can recall the frosty air or the pale green meadows. Celeste, the home I have not seen for a hundred long years.

Some nights, when no clouds hang over the skies of Atlantis, I can see her there, spinning serenely in the night. My mind wanders then and I can hear the laughter of my sisters, smell the blossoms they weaved into their hair. A dream. A dream of times long passed and people long dead.

My children do not understand my injury. They have known of no other life but this one, with its warm sweet air and the lush greens of Terra. They have never known true Memory.

I can only call it cruelty. Cruelty against those he saw as "disobedient", cruelty against those of us who dared stand and defy his rule. Osiris, Kronos of our people, the living link between our past and our present. Through him we remembered as our ancestors remembered, saw as our ancestors saw, and heard the voices of our forefathers whisper their council. A century ago he denied me that which was most precious.

He severed the link.

My children have never known True Memory. Those among us who die are now simply... gone. The echoes of their lives sustained only by the already fading recollections of their children. We have lost so much. So many memories lost to the wind. So many wondrous voices silenced and never to be heard again. My father, my brothers...

I am Gaia, last of the Celestials who sought to free Terra from the tyranny of Osiris. They who live now call me Great Mother, and while they no longer remember the cool mountain air and the green meadows of Serena, I still do. I will keep a memory in my own heart for them. For all those lost to time.