Second chapter: hope it keeps you interested...


The sun rose, it's normal dull crimson, almost filling up the whole horizon. Kamori yawned, waking up to a stiff back wasn't too nice. She stretched and looked around and fully noticed her surroundings. It was completely trashed but she could see ancient tools scattered here and there. She picked up a electronic screw driver, she smiled and traced the battery pack. The battery itself had corroded and melted through the cracks, but that was just o show how old the screw drivers were.

It was amazing, she found masses of old junk. Ancient and unusable, but it was still amazing. Someone must have been collecting the things. Such devices were supposed to be thrown away last year but apparently not.

She sighed ruefully, she had to go. It was getting late if she wanted ammunition for her stun ray. The speeder was still parked on the balcony where it had been before. Her gaze narrowed, she swore the gas tank was full last night, now it was nearing ten litres. Not a good start to a morning.

Panic started to rise within her but she fought it down, it was enough to get her to Nozomu. She kicked the starter and with a flick of her wrist started the accelerator. The speeder roared into the air and she started navigating a path towards Nozomu.

Nozomu was a dealer with illegal products. He had anything that was out of bounds and Rebels frequented his Pad with requests and sought shelter for a night or so.

But Nozomu was special to her. She had known him since as long as she could remember. Nozomu was part metal and technology, much of his human features had disappeared. But he had changed, he was no longer the sweet boy who was constantly worrying after her. He no longer knew her as far as he was concerned.

But it didn't matter, there relationship was strictly business anyhow.

She parked the speeder on the roof among others. Carefully navigating through, without trying to knock any vehicles over. While avoiding a badly parked Tobiko, a surveillance aerial nearly impaled her back. Finally she looked around furtively, the trapdoor in front of her blended in so well with the greying concrete. But she knew the place off by heart, even with her eyes blind folded she knew where exactly the trap door was.

Prying her nails into the cracks, she pulled it open and grasped the rusty handle on the underside of the trapdoor. She pulled it shut quietly, letting gravity do the rest.

She dropped to the floor, her stance much like a cat's. As she straightened up, low orange lights went on, one after the other lighting a narrow and low concrete tunnel. Kamori's boots and the occasional sound of water hitting the ground echoed around the cavern. She came face to face with a wall.

"Identification please." The tinny voice of a woman played.

"Kikuchi Nozomu." She said with distinction, smirking a bit.

"You know that's know what your supposed to say."The intercom clicked to a humanized voice of a male.

A small scanner panned out from the wall, placing her hand on it without really noticing, the red light moved under her hand.

"Access granted."The woman's voice grated out.

The wall shimmered and flickered off leaving a passage free to go through. She curled her lip and shook her long purple hair from the helmet. Tucking the helmet under one arm she climbed down the ladder.

"Kamori chan, so good to see you after so long." Nozomu grinned lecherously from below, moving back so she could jump down.

"You really need to upgrade that security stuff." Kamori commented flicking her hair over her shoulder, missing Nozomu's face by centimetres.

"Your hair smells good today." He said following her through the cavern.

"Shut up." But she smiled anyway. She walked past rows and rows of technology and goods. Going deeper into the tunnel.

"So what brings you here?" He said stopping to pick up a small version of a laser cutter.

"I need diesel and more ammunition for stun guns." She said, going straight to the point.

"Nothing more?" He asked innocently.

"Get over yourself." She threw back.

"You know the payment. It's either that or-"

"You know what's first. Goods then money." She said quickly. She remembered the last time she couldn't pay, and shivered. She touched her neck feeling bad memories sweep over her.

"Wait here." He said with the importance of a business man and moved past her. She stopped and leaned against the rail, watching the metal of his arm glint in the orange light.

Nozomu had dark brown hair, but one half of his face was a computer. More than half his torso was made of technology and both his legs were completely android. At times Kamori felt sorry for him, but his attitude made the pity disappear. Not that he wanted pity anyway, pity was for the weak and Nozomu claimed that he was anything but weak.

"Here." He said roughly pushing her the diesel and ammunition.

"Enough to last you three months." He said gruffly. She smiled in spite of herself. Nozomu had a soft side that he refused to show, but sometimes he allowed it to show through. No matter how much he mocked and harassed her. She passed him a small canvas bag. He weighed it and grinned.

"Thanks." She said hefting the diesel on to one hip. The shiny black leather of her jacket reflected off the light and shone brightly.

"You know you can always make it up to me by-"

"No." And told him what to do with her fingers. He grinned and opened the trap door for her.

"Ladies first. Come by again, we could really do with a chat." He said and grinned with that he slammed the door and the grating of a bolt being pulled was heard.

Kamori just sighed, she lifted the diesel and uncorked the gas tank, she poured it in slowly, not wasting a single drop. Diesel was precious and it was kind of Nozomu to give it to her.

A distant droning noise was heard. Kamori stilled, diesel still in hand. She put it down slowly and at this point loaded the stun gun slowly and quietly. She listened quietly, attentively eyes alert and watching for any sign of disturbance.

The she saw it. It was only a pin prick but she saw it. Kainomori, out to get her. Leaping to her feet she spilled the diesel. Darn, but it was too late to do anything about it. The golden liquid spilled out on to the concrete ground making a small puddle. She turned her speeder around and kicked off. She cursed, there wasn't much fuel left, she had only topped about six litres, that left a total of about sixteen litres left.

It would have to do. She hovered above the railing and that was her fatal mistake. A dark blue dart hit her leg numbing it. Hissing in pain, tears pricking her eyes she nearly fell. The speeder toppled over in midair, engine still idling. Kamori held on to the vehicle with one hand the other holding her stun gun, but the strain was too great. The numbing pain was slowly travelling up her leg. Her arm was shaking and her fingers were turning cold. Kamori refused to let go, she would not give into them. One finger slipped off the edge of the speeder, her whole hand shook with strain her face crinkled in pain and resign. Kamori let go and zero gravity rose to meet her as she fell towards the black abyss.

It was a trap she identified, within the deep recesses of her mind. Five Kainomori rose up from the shadows. The were too many. She made a feeble attempt to shoot a Kainomori but it missed completely. Her vision was slowly turning black and fuzzy, she recognized in dim recognition the Kainomori snapping wired cuffs on her wrists binding them together in a magnetic field yanking her up into a dangling position in the air cruelly. About that point she lost conscious completely.