error, error,

why can't you give me a straight answer?

you're the only thing that can't mess up in my life,

please just stop making this harder,


you're just numbers,

can't you compute?

i want a simple solution,

give it to me,


i thought i had it all right,

but when i finished all the work,

the steps,

it turned out as a frustrating bang on the table,


can't you just be simple?

accelerated lessons,

i hate the complications,

they ruin my concentration,


has there got to be an order,

can't i just do it?

the way i want?

who are you to tell me what to do?


isn't an answer...

still an answer?

does it matter if it's right?

i just want to make it go away,


can someone help me out?

if you're not going to change the rules,

could you teach them?

i'm sinking,

i'm failing,


everything's gotta be a freakin' complicated mess,

will anyone help me untangle it?

just give me a hand,

but all i want to do is throw this out the window,


you might be too late,

i might be giving up,

but i secretely want to succeed,

can you see inside?


i put my head down,


then you give me a break,

i'm relieved,


but it'll all start again tomorrow,

do i have to be swallowed up again?

i'm not looking forward to the disappointment,

will you spare me once more?


error, error,

could you just give me a straight answer?

i can't deal with this right now,

could you show me the way?