It was dark and I knew sneaking back in the house would definitely be hard. I mean, I couldn't just use my key and walk in the front door, not only would that set off the alarm, but the door makes too much noise.

I walked around to the side of the house and climbed up my brothers tree house and out to the walk. I was suddenly grateful we had this done. It was very structural and clever. There was a path from the tree to each of our balconies, It was pretty great.

I walked along the path, holding onto the ropes made for kids age ten, not 15 and slowly got to my door. I was glad at once that I never locked the French doors. This was the first time I had ever done something like this and preparing it what I seemed to have left out.

I walked into my bedroom and plopped down on my bed exhausted, not from the going out, but the getting back in.

"That was easier than I thought, but I don't think I'll be doing it again…." I sighed and turned my head to the side facing my night table and chair. There was a dim figure in it. I screamed.

"I hope you will be doing it again, sweetheart. I think I'll want a repeat performance of what I decided your punishment will be for this." He clicked the light on and I immediately saw it was my dad.

"God dad, you scared the living daylights outta me. Or maybe nightlights I should say." I giggled and tried to gauge whether or not I could wiggle my way outta this one.

"This is not a laughing matter, Sweetheart" he started getting up outta the chair and coming to sit on my bed. I crawled up to the top, giving him room, and looked at him.

"Otou-san, are you going to punish me?" I put on my best child voice and used the Japanese name and honorific he liked to much since I taught myself Japanese in the 5th grade.

"Yes Baby, I'm going to punish that little body hard, so you'll learn your lesson, and none of your cuteness will get you out of it."

&- x -&

"What are you going to do to me?" I whine out, folding my arms over my knees and looking from up under my eyelashes at him.

"I'm going to go cherry picking." He laughed a big hearty laugh that left me uneasy, what the hell did cherry picking have to do with me getting grounded or something?

He crawled up on the bed and sat next to me, placing me in his lap, and stroking my hair gently.

"Now, Bella. You know that sneaking in past your curfew is wrong." I nod "And I'm going to have to punish you, right?" I nod again snuggling into his chest like I used to when I was little. "And as your father I reserve the right to punish you in any way I wish," I nod again wondering if this will be more than a simple grounding. "OK, Bella. I think I'll wait till morning and discuss this with your mother, so give daddy a kiss." I pout. I really don't want mom involved, but whatever he thinks I deserve.

I tilt my head up and pucker my lips raising up a bit to plant a quick kiss on his lips, but when I get up there and try to pull away he hold me, softening his lips and flattening mine with his kiss. Then I feel his tongue and I recoil moving as far away as I can with him holding me this tight.

"What was that?!" I'm flabbergasted at the moment and I can't seem to regulate my thought. On the one hand that was a good kiss, as short as it was, on the other that was my FATHER. Who is not to say un-handsome, but my father non the less. I wipe my mouth and gape at him.

&- x -&

"You know babe, I'd been thinking about this. Let's not tell your mother you went out. I'll just punish you like I was going to. And it won't really be a punishment will it? At least not after the first couple of minutes…." He smiled at me, and I continued to back up until I was off the bed and at my bedroom door. He followed after me and I reached for the handle, but I couldn't quite grasp it. "What's the matter? You don't want to be punished. You said yourself that I could do it in whatever way I liked, and that you deserved it." He advanced to me and was just upon me when I grasped the handle. I turned, but to no avail it wouldn't budge. "Mmm sorry, Hun. I locked it from the outside, like when you're on room arrest. I actually got in here the same way you did." I stared blackly at him and whimpered pressing more against my door. He was upon me now and closer than ever. He put his hands on my hips and started kissing down my neck. "Mmm, your skin tastes better than your mothers did at your age." He kissed further down and then around to where my shirt was bunched together showing mass amounts of cleavage. "This is something I have no idea where you got, your mom doesn't have much going on in this department, but I'm glad you do." He sucked on the top of one of my breasts and I held back a moan. This was not supposed to be feeling good. I wanted him off of me!

"Please, daddy. Otou-san. Get off." I shivered when he pulled my top up.

"But you taste so good baby, I want to taste everything." He snapped my bra in the back and pulled it off. I didn't put up much of a fight. I was numb now. My father was going to rape me…. That was hat kept going through my head.

&- x -&

He placed the tip of his tongue to my pebbled nipple. My body was betraying me. I just hoped he took mercy and didn't take my pants off. I can only imagine how humiliated I'll be when he sees (or feels *shudder*) that I'm wet. My word, I just can't believe it.

"Hmm, you like this, My Belle?" I know you do. I can smell you." He attached his lips around the nipple and sucked hard. I dropped my weight into the door and cried out. "Ha ha ha, no one has ever done this to you have they? Hehehe, I'll take great pleasure in being your first." He trailed his hands down my body slowly feeling me for all I was worth and slowly tracked to my jeans. They were tight and sexy because I had been at the club. I had gotten to many phone numbers because of these jeans and now they were going to aid in getting me popped. Fabulous. "Nice pants, sweetheart. I think I remember when you brought these home. I told you I didn't ever want them to see the light of day…. Very clever of you. There is no light out right now, and you certainly weren't wearing them when you left around 5:00 yesterday." He felt my ass through them and grabbed gently. I tensed ready for him to be rough and maybe slap it like this one guy at the bar had done. But he didn't he was gentle and didn't really violate me; more like caressed me too closely. But it didn't last. "I want to taste you here," he grabbed my crotch. "Will you let me lick you here, let me place my tongue in your wet quivering hole and make you scream. Your already wet for me, I wasn't you to cum for me too," Oh My God, My father was going to rape me...


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