A collision of child and metal beast

A life snatched away from Jord's loving arms


A broken flower not yet in bloom

Spewed across life's soporific lap


A mass of angst-ridden, grief-stricken bodies

Huddle around the crimson mess

Of what once was hope and joy


Anguish sings her melody

While Sorrow strums her harp

And all the while spirits dance

To songs the two doth play


The day belongs to Freyja,

Though it should belong to Odin

Whose presence is upon us all

On this forsaken morn


Another newly departed soul

Welcomed into Frigga's open arms

A Mother to care for Her child once more


Jord: Norse Earth Goddess (married to Odin)

Freyja: Norse Goddess of Love whom Friday is named after

Odin: Norse God of Death

Frigga: Norse Mother Goddess