Pedestrian Lane

by: Faithmemory

Youko is a third year student that always crosses a long pedestrian lane on the way home. The problem is she's the type of person that doesn't know 'timing'. She is afraid of crossing the pedestrian lane alone, because of fast moving cars that pass by every second.

The feeling of anxiousness kills me as I walk towards the pedestrian lane. This spot is where I waste my five precious minutes, waiting for the swift cars to stop. Every time I wait here, I get nervous, because I don't want that 'incident' to happen ever again.


It was three months ago, I stood in this very spot. I was waiting for the fast cars to stop, to be able cross to the other side of the side walk. Since, I just transferred to a new school; this pedestrian lane is not familiar to me. The lane connects two side walks, and thirty feet long. At my back where I stand, is a coffee shop and towards the other end of the line is a convenient store.

It was six o'clock that sluggish afternoon and on this lane, I'm patiently waiting for the cars to stop, and drop by to a convenient store. I waited for like 3 minutes and the cars hasn't stop yet. It was pretty annoying, since my stomach is growling already.

"When will this pack of cars stop? I'm getting hungry…" I complained as I hold my shoulder bag close to me.

The cars that cross here everyday are incredibly fast. It was like there's a grand chase everyday. This waiting is making me get frustrated.

I waited for another two minutes. And finally, I notice that flow of the cars stopped. I looked at my right, and saw that a shiny yellow car is still to far away. So I thought of crossing the street immediately while the car is still far. So I ran down the lane, running fast so I won't get caught by the car. But, I accidentally, dropped my shoulder bag…


A protest was heard as I pick up my shoulder bag, with its broken handle, at the middle of the street. I looked up and saw a yellow car in front of me with an angry driver's head outside of the car's window.

"Get out of the darn way, idiot!!" shouted by another guy that owns a shiny blue car beside the yellow one, "If you want to kill yourself, don't do it here!!"

Hearing their vulgar rants made me blank all of the sudden. I'm a really sensitive person, and even just words like that, pinches my heart. I realized that there are like seven cars in front of me already, because of that my senses begun to come back. Without any hesitation, I ran across the street to the other side walk. As I step on the cemented walk, the cars begun running again, like they were racing.

Those insensitive words that I heard, is penetrating my mind and my heart. I stood there, on the other side, spacing out with teary eyes. I suddenly felt that, the time stopped and embarrassment is poisoning my skin, as I hold my busted bag. From then on, I got scared of crossing this pedestrian lane.


So I'm here again, on this very street, waiting for the vehicles to stop. Standing here with the color of the sunset that covers the city, it was like I'm waiting for tomorrow.

Standing straight like this with my bag pack on my back, is pretty uncertain. I don't know if these flows of the cars will every take a break. As one car pass by, another comes in and so on. Waiting like this is pretty tiring.

"Gahh, I need to move on with this" I thought, releasing a sigh, "I can't be like this forever."

I feel someone stand beside me because I suddenly smell something. And with curiosity I saw this guy. So tall, with chestnut colored hair moving his head around, I think he'll cross the street too. Finally, a mate!

I look at him who still keeps on looking at the road where the cars keeps on crossing in. I think he's not from my school, since he's wearing a totally different uniform. As we stand there, I began thinking what school he's attending. I became curious because his uniform is a bit familiar.

As I think, he began walking across. "Eh?!" I shattered. And cross along with him to the other side. Wow. This is such a great idea, being with someone to be able to cross the street? I feel like as we cross the lane together, I'm relaying on him, thinking that no car can run over me when I'm with him. Trusting?


Ahhh… It's raining today. And the cars are rushing the slippery road, on a hurry cause of the storm. I stand here with my white plastic umbrella and plastic coat. Wow, the rain is pouring so loudly, I can hear its plucking sound over my plastic umbrella. No one is planning to cross this street except for me because of the rain, which is a problem for me. It's always like this, that's why rainy days a difficult day is for me.

Due to thinking about this, I got startle when a guy went running beside me. I can hear inhales and exhales and stomping of feet. I looked at the person beside me and, he's the guy from yesterday, the guy whom I cross this lane with. He is soaking wet.

He looked at me with his black sharp eyes as he holds his arms together, "Ah! It's pretty cold, isn't it?" he said as he shivers.


He smiled at me with that killer smile. The rain drops to his chest nut hair as he jumps up and down feeling really cold.

"Here…" I said placing my umbrella next to him, so that the both of us may share it.

He stares at me with those unreadable eyes, "Thank you" he said following a huge grin, "But will you be okay?"

"Why?" I asked

"Cause you're on your toes…"

Ah! Yeah, I'm on my toes, because I can't reach his head for the umbrella to protect it. He's so tall. Do I look stupid, holding my umbrella and standing on my toes just to reach a tall guy?

"Let me hold it for the two of us…" he offered as he gets the umbrella off my hand.

"Thank you…" I replied, feeling really happy all of the sudden.

Because of my umbrella, we crossed the pedestrian lane together, again. He leads the way; we walk together, as his long right hand in the air, a sign of 'stop' for the cars, and his left hand holding the umbrella for our protecting.

It was like; the umbrella binds us together as we walk that lane. I definitely did not feel scared. Because I know, as long as the umbrella is in the middle of the two of us, and he holds it, I know that I'm going to cross this lane safely and with no problems at all.


I often bump on him before I cross that street; I think our school ends at the same time. Fate maybe? A coincidence? Nah, I always wait for him before I cross this pedestrian lane. I know, that he's the solution for this stupid problem that I have.

I'm beginning to like him even more each day. It's not wrong, is it? I'm liking this guy, who doesn't have any idea how he helps me everyday. Because of us meeting here everyday to cross together, I begun opening up to him.

Here on the same spot, where we stand together, waiting for the cars to stop.

"Hey, I have this weird problem…." I started as I bow my head that made my braided black hair fell off my shoulders

"What is it?" he asked as he bends down to search for my eyes

"But please don't laugh at me!" I said wearily


"Promise me!" I said again, I'm being annoying, 'am I?

"I promise" he said without hesitation with a smile on his face

That smile, made me trust him again. I've been really embarrassed of saying my problem, crossing the street, to anyone. Cause I'm afraid that they might make fun of me. But his smile captivates me.

"I'm really afraid on crossing this pedestrian lane…" I said looking straight to his face. Gash… I'm nervous on how he will react.

With his face looking at me, his smile faded and was replaced by a wondering face.

"Thought so…" he then said, standing straight again with closed eyes


"I thought so, since the first time I saw you…" he said looking straight at the other side of the street.

"You can tell?" I asked as I look at the where he was looking

"Yeah, I can tell it very clearly with that face of yours… so transparent."

Wow… because of those words of his, my heart skip another beat. So he knew about it all this time. This simple conversation between the two of us, made my day. I really want to cross this lane with him, everyday. I like him even more.!


Yey! Another day, to see him again, here I am walking towards that spot, the spot where I was scared, holding these blue gloves for him. I'll give this gloves that I knitted to him, since winter is coming, he'll definitely need this. This will be my sign of 'thank you' for his understanding.

I'm almost there; I raise my head and saw him, standing there with his friend, I guess. When I got close to them I pause for a while since I heard them talking.

"I met this really weird girl, in this very spot…" I heard him said

"Really? So what's up?"

"She's really dull, she's afraid of crossing this lane…" he said again accompanied by laughs, "I was wondering why I always bump on her on my way home, I always see her here, standing and always looking down. I think she always waiting for me so she could cross. Ha-ha."

"haha.. Talk about being a baby!"

"She's really strange… Ha-ha… but---"

I don't want to here your words anymore. I had enough. I ran back, and felt really disappointed and in pain. Those words are harsher than those words that I've heard from the drivers three months ago. You're too cruel… I thought that you're different and you won't laugh at me. So crossing is not the only problem I have, trusting someone is also a problem. I ran back to the way I was before, with tears on my face, holding the knitted gloves, as the snow starts to fall.


Winter is here, and I wasn't able to give him the gloves. I don't have any choice to avoid this lane, because it's the only way to get to our house. And today, I've been really depress about what I heard yesterday. But, I can't really blame him for laughing at me behind my back, I mean, it's true, I always wait for him just so I could cross this lane. I stand here, alone… wearing my furry jacket, with my bag pack covered with snow, that falls from the heavens.

"Hey! How are you today?!" a familiar voice said from my side, "Pretty cold, isn't it?" he added as he rub his two hands together.

I didn't say anything… instead I bowed my head and I ignore him. Gahh, this cold weather is making my whole body numb; I can't feel anything, just the pain of being frozen.

"What's the matter?" he asked

Since the freezing temperature is too painful, I can't hold my tears anymore.

I raised my head with overflowing tears, "I've heard what you said yesterday!" I shouted.

The gentle and jolly face earlier vanished and was replaced by shock. All I can see is his shock face, so priceless.

"And I don't want to see or hear you anymore! I'm not going to trust you, anymore!" I cried.

Without any hesitation, I ran across the pedestrian lane. Because of the pain, I ran so fast, no car can stop me. I'm not scared anymore. I've learned to be independent because of him and the pain. As I ran across, all I can feel is the warm air that I'm giving out of my mouth, due to the cold weather. And my body, I couldn't feel it anymore, just my runny nose, my swelling eyes and my dry throat.

And finally I realize that I came to cross the lane in no time. I don't want to look back at him anymore. Being relieved of crossing the lane, I smiled and tried to walk again… and leave him…

"I met this really weird girl, in this very spot!!!"

I heard from voice at my back, from the other side of the street, shouting the hell out of his throat, a voice that caught everyone's attention. He's talking too loud that made him gasp for the wintry air.

"She's really dull, she's afraid of crossing this lane…" He said with a quivering voice

"I was wondering why I always bump on her on my way home, I always see her here, standing and always looking down. I think she always wait for me so she could cross. She's really strange… but-"

I heard a pause that made me turn around to see him on the other side.

"But I like her…"

The wintry breeze sways his air, and I could see his breath smoke fading away in front of him. I'm filled with warm feeling inside, and relief. I just realize that, those words, was incomplete since I already left. I feel like, the time stops for the two of us alone. And his voice, overpowered the rushing sound of the cars' engine that pass by between us. From then on, I took those words as his confession. And from that day on, we hold hands together as we cross this pedestrian lane.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wrong grammar usage…I'm still studying English and I really want to improve.

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