Everyone who knows me knows that I'm gay; I mean you'd have to be blind, deaf, and overall senseless not to realize it. And right at this precise moment it has been twenty-four days since me and my long time boyfriend, Nickolas, broke up. My whining about this is why I find myself in my current position, pressed up against the bathroom wall with last night's lover standing in front of me. He's holding a small dripping wet bottle of lube curiously in front of his face with a wide smirk.

The small bottle of lube is mine, a left over reminder from mine and Nickolas's relationship. You see one of the first things I learned about him was that he enjoyed combining sex and water. This didn't surprise me much as he was a lifeguard. (Yes there are gay ones, not all of them though...trust me on that one.) I never had any issues with it, liking the randomness of it, and so long as I kept my friends away from out pool, slip and slide, and hot tub.

We were together for a year and a half, almost ancient for my dating record. He was perfect, or so I thought; he loved me, had a job and all my friends liked him. Though after he broke up with me, most of my friends would take great pleasure and delight on torturing him. The weeks after he left, I spent most of my time curled up on the couch, eating my weight in ice cream and cookies unless Guillermo and Landra drug me out to do something. Tonight's choice activity was taking me to Guillermo's closed for the night restaurant.

"Have you bathed today?" I nodded to the question. "Good, put these on." Clothes were thrown at me.

"Leather?!" I cried "You've got to be kidding me!" I was holding the pants up against my legs.

"Put the damn things on, or else I'll put them on for you." Landra growled, popping her knuckles. Sighing in defeat, knowing full well that she was serious, I began to pull the pants on my ass, hoping my current diet of junk food didn't put too many pounds on my waist.

"I hate you people." I said looking down at the skin tight outfit I was being forced to wear.

"No you don't." Landra smiled. "Now, come here so I can fix your bed head."

"No, you'll keep your paws off my hair."

"Alec. Now."

"Not going to happen." I stuck my tongue out.

"Guillermo, Ryan, grab him. Oh, but don't mess up his clothes." the guys walked toward me calmly, and just as I was about to bolt, pounced and wrestled me into a chair. Landra attacked my hair with a comb and hairspray once the guys moved back, making my hair 'smexy' as she put it.

"Okay, he's fixed Ryan; you can put him in the car." Ryan led me out to his black mustang, followed by Landra and Guillermo

"Where are we going? And why am I the only one wearing leather?" I demanded to know, climbing into the passenger's seat.

We're going clubbing. And you're wearing leather because you're the ONLY one here that needs to get laid."

"I do not need to get laid."

"Don't argue Alec, you do. Now shut up and try to look hot."

"Fine." I huffed, slumping in my seat with a frown. "You guys are mean to me. Why couldn't you just leave me, my couch, and ice cream alone?"

"First because if we left you alone you'd weight three hundred pounds by the time you're twenty-five. Second, you shouldn't mope, it's bad for your health…plus, you could do so much better."

"I loved Nick." I murmured, hanging my head sadly. While I sat there we drove on in silence, until my ADD side showed itself and I started playing with the tendrils of hair hanging in my face.

"I swear to god this boy's bipolar." Ryan commented beside me with a chuckle. "Hey, Alec, quit playing with your hair, we're at the club." I lifted my head and stared at the building we were in front of.

"Yeah about that I don't think I'm going to go. You guys go ahead though, I don't mind."

"Listen darling, we can do this the easy was where you just hop your leather clad butt out of this car and go inside peacefully…or I can have the boys forcefully drag you in there and guard you until you're so drunk you can't see straight. So which is it going to be hon?" Landra asked sweetly behind me.

"I'll go peacefully." I sighed heavily, popping open my door and stepping out onto the paved ground. "Aren't you coming?"

"Of course, we're going to park. You go ahead and scope out some cute boys for us to hook you up with."

"By myself?" I asked eyes wide.

"Yes, now go you're holding up traffic." At Landra's words I stepped back and turned, heading to the clubs doors.

"Stupid friends, always meddling. Need alcohol." I mumbled to myself as I shoved through the masses of gyrating bodies. "Give me the strongest drink you have back there. I told the bartender, plopping onto one of the stools.

"Here you go buddy, and this is from the gentleman right over there." He pointed to a blond five seats down from me.

"Thanks, tell him to come over here would you." The man nodded and slipped away. A few minutes later the blond slipped into the seat next to me.

"Hey, Tom says you wanted me." He had a semi-deep voice.

Yes, thanks for the drink. Would you like to dance?" I was nervous, I'd admit it. It had been almost two years since I'd went to a club bent on picking up a guy.

"Sure, so you're gay too then?" that's great; the last guy I sent a drink to was here with his girlfriend. Oh, I'm rambling aren't I?" he gasped. "I'm Lucas."

"Alec." I followed him onto the dance floor and we began grinding against each other to the techno-y beat. Six songs later we emerged from dancing only to be called over to a table by Ryan.

Hey Alec, who's this?" he asked, handing us each a beer.


"Nice to meet you, I'm Ryan. Now Alec, Landra told me to keep you here until she came back but…" I looked at him expectantly. "I've got to go to the bathroom. I'll be gone for the next seven or so minutes."

"Thanks Ry." I hugged him quickly and let him leave before addressing Lucas. "Kay, are we going to hook up tonight or not?"

"Sure, I mean if you want to…"

"Alright then, to your car." He led me out to a grey Pontiac. My house is thirteen hundred Oak Street, a little brown one."

"Okay, um, Alec I'm kinda new to this. Like really new."

"So you're a virgin. Not in all respects right?" I was really hoping he tell me that he'd done something with a guy before.

"Yeah, sorry, I could just drop you off if you want…"

"No, but before anything else how old are you?"

"Twenty-one." There at least he was my age.

"Okay, we'll try this. I like to bottom so I'll guide you through everything."

"Okay." When we pulled up to my house, we went upstairs to my room, tumbling on the bed kissing. I guided hum through his first gay experience, and surprisingly he was very good. The next morning around ten he woke to take a shower and I followed him wanting to brush my teeth.

Not even five minutes into his shower I heard several bottles drop, followed by a drawn out 'oooh' I knew what he found and the question proceeding the oh ruled out any hope of me being wrong.

"Why's there a bottle of lube in here?" I moved from the mirror to the wall and sunk down against it.

"I didn't take it out after my ex left," I whimpered, knowing tears were coming, "He liked playing in the shower, a-and so d-did I." I'd started crying as he stepped out of the shower, still completely nude.

"Hey now, don't cry, you're a lovely person. Whoever left you was a complete douche." He was patting me on the back. "If you want we could playing the shower." My mood brightened considerably when he'd said that. I'd been using the guest bathroom since Nickolas left almost a month ago.

"Really?" I sniffed.

"Yeah of course silly." He laughed "As soon as I figure out how to open this thing." He held the bottle closer to his face for inspection.

So yes, that is how I came to find myself in my current predicament. Pressed up against the bathroom wall, tears drying on my face, with Lucas curiously inspecting the bottle of lube previously housed in my shower.

"Here, you push up on this button here while you spin the cap." I9 explained, pointing to different parts of the bottle.

"That's got to be the most complicated thing I've ever played with."

"I know, but after a while you can learn to open it with your mouth. Plus it smells amazing."

He sniffed at it. "You seriously like the smell of oranges and mint?"

"Yes, now come on, the hot water's dying." We filed into the shower and I took the bottle from him. Squirting a small puddle of the oil onto my palm, I rubbed it behind me and then stroked some on his length. Turning around I leaned back, moaning as he slid into me. He come, stroking me, after many slow trusts, as did I and we cleaned up, sharing a kiss. As we stepped onto the rug I handed him a robe and we lounged on the bed for awhile.

Sometime around one thirty the doorbell rang, so I pulled Lucas down to answer it with me.

"Oh, Alec, we're sorry, we thought whoever you were with would be gone…" Landra gasped.

"It's fine." I assured her. "Did you bring lunch?"

"Yes, we thought you'd be hungry."

"We are." Lucas smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Are you two an item now?" Ryan asked.

"No, one night stands usually stick around all day." Landra rolled her eyes "Didn't you get the memo?"

"Are we an item?" I asked Lucas.

"If you want to." He was shifting from one foot to the other nervously.

"I think we are."

"Well so long as you don't mind dogs, I totally agree"

"You have a puppy!" I squealed.

"Yes, a little black Labrador. I could run and get him is you'd like."

"Of course I want to meet him!" still dressed in my bathrobe he drove off, coming back abo0ut ten minutes later with a squirmy black puppy on a leash.

"This is Tokyo."

"Why'd you name him that?" Guillermo asked from the couch.

"Little bugger tore down my map of Tokyo and sleeps on it." Lucas offered as an explanation.

"He's adorable." I cooed as we all wedged onto the couch and recliner to eat. "Just like you Lucas."