The Epic of Willdog: Part 1


Deep in the lands where no man walks, a legend is passed down from generation to generation. The legend known as The Epic of Willdog.

The Epic is the tale of the mighty warrior-deity known as Willdog, who watches over the lands of those who worship him, and conquers and pillages the lands of those who dare defy him. No one knows where Willdog came from, there are some who say he has no beginning, no end, and simply has been and always shall be.

However at the end of the last century the unthinkable happened, Willdog vanished from the land. His worshipers believed he would come back to them, but as the years passed, no sign of the god appeared. In his absence the Evil Lord Elias was able to roam freely across the lands, taking cities, burning the crops, slaughtering those who surrendered, and separating weeping babes from their mothers. Finally, only one stronghold of Willdog remained. The city of Willton refused to surrender to the Evil Lord, and was put under siege. Even when all hope seemed lost, there were still some who believed that their god would return, and that Willdog would once again rise to rule the land.

Chapter 1: The Siege of Willton

John Smith ran towards the gates of Willton. The Evil Lord Elias's troops were using a battering ram to try and break the gate! John and the group of soldiers with him knew they had to make a stand, or the city would be lost!

John and his comrades came to a halt as the gate shook with impact. John said a prayer to the mighty Willdog to grant him strength to defend his home.

The soldiers drew their swords, just as the gate exploded inward in a massive storm of dust and wood splinters! The Evil Lord's soldiers swarmed into the city waving swords and torches high!

"We've taken the gate!" the exclaimed.

John was determined not to let the land of his lord Willdog fall, and fought with all his might. His sword clanged with contact, and many men fell on his blade.

The numbers of the Evil Lord Elias proved to be too many however, and soon the Willton soldiers were forced to retreat!

John turned to follow, but found that he was surrounded!

John fought viciously, in a way that would make the mighty Willdog proud, but the soldiers of Elias were too much to overcome! Their swords sank into the flesh of John as he called out to his lord.

"Lord Willdog, I beg of thee! Defend your city and return to rule the land again!" John exclaimed with his last breath.

John died.


John felt himself floating upwards and opened his eyes to see a bright light.

The bright light dissolved, and suddenly John found himself standing before the lord Willdog in person! John dropped to his knee and dared not to look at Willdog.

"It is not yet your time to go my son!" Willdog proclaimed.

"I gladly give my life in your name!" John announced.

Willdog seemed to consider this, and then said, "Look into my eyes my child!"

John looked up into the angelic eyes of his lord.

"If you are willing to give your life for my cause, then take my hand and I shall claim your body as my own, and lead our forces to victory!" Willdog said.

John did not hesitate, and took Willdog's hand eagerly.

John felt a brief moment of euphoria as his mind joined with Willdog's, and then he felt and saw no more.


Willdog stood up, and looked down to find himself covered in blood.

"Hmm, this body needs fixing!" He decided, and healed his wounds.

Willdog looked around and saw bodies, he heard the sound of battle from the inner city, and with a running leap, jumped several hundred feet into the town square.


The square was chaos, with the armies of Willdog and Elias fighting to the last man.

Willdog silenced them all with a bellow.


The army of Willdog rejoiced, and kneeled before their return'd lord.

The armies of Elias were disbelieving, surely this was a trick!

They rushed forward to engage Willdog, but he blew them out of Willton with one breath.

Only one of Elias's soldiers remained within Willton, and Willdog spoke to him.

"You!" He said, "Tell the Evil Lord Elias, that Lord Willdog has returned, and that his suffering will be legendary for daring to defy my law!"

End Chapter 1.