Chapter 10: Battle of the Soul


"The afterlife sucks ass." thought General Dylan as he absentmindedly plucked a fallen leaf off his breastplate. The leaf had fallen from the massive oak tree he was currently lounging against, the shade providing a respite from the uncomfortable heat of the rest of the spirit realm. The temperature had risen slightly every day since his arrival there, and he had since linked the event to the absence of Willdog. With no god to rule it, the spirit realm was slowly losing order, it would eventually become a place of anarchy and hellfyre. "That is if Willdog doesn't hurry his holy ass up and defeat Elias." The General thought with a twinge of bitterness. He'd wondered since his arrival why his lord hadn't resurrected him, he assumed it meant he was to serve some other purpose in the name of Willdog, and he was willing to wait for his god to return and explain himself to Dylan, but lately the General had grown bored and impatient. The Spirit Realm was too... perfect, there were no battles to wage in the name of his lord, but unless his lord returned the realm would be full of battles far worse than the General ever wished to take part in, "The ultimate paradox." General Dylan realized while letting out a long sigh.

Suddenly, there was a pop from around the other side of the oak which General Dylan knew meant yet another soul had left the Land, to take its place among the others in the afterlife. This soul must be important though, otherwise it would have materialized in one of the commons areas and not by the Oak of Ages as Dylan had learn it to be called.

The General sighed again and clambered to his feet. He supposed he'd have to welcome whoever this V.I.P. was to their new home.

"V.I.P.? More like S.O.B. for making me get up." the General thought with delight at his own wit before rounding the tree to meet his new soulmate.

As soon as he laid eyes on the new arrival, General Dylan froze.

"You." he said, his voice low with aggression.

"Yes..." said the Evil Lord Elias uncertainly.

"Why are you in paradise? This is a place for a soul that has dedicated itself to Willdog, not for the scum of the Land."

"Well... eh, it was relatively simple really, without a god to judge it was easy to sneak in here instead of where I was SUPPOSED to go." he said with a shudder at the mention of the place, "Say!" he said brightening, "You don't by chance know where I could find my army do ye?" he asked.

"No..." the General said slowly as comprehension dawned on him. Suddenly his lords purpose for not sparing him became crystal clear. "Can't say that I do." he said while taking a step forward and laying a hand on his sword.

Elias took a step back at his movement, "W-What are you doing?"

"Hmmm well right now I'm stalking you, in a minute I'll be dicing you into pieces and a minute after that I'll be bathing in your blood." General Dylan said conversationally. While drawing his sword slowly. "Schhhhhhhhhhing" said the sword as it was drawn.

"B-b-but, I'm just, p-p-p-poor st-st-stuttering E-evil Lord Elias." Elias said in a panicked voice. He continued backing away until without warning he spun on his heel and ran away from the General.

Dylan licked his lips as though eying a particularly delicious looking meal before lunging at the fleeing Evil Lord. He sent his sword straight through the small of Elias's back, the tip poking out of his navel.

The Evil Lord screamed, a blood curdling sound that seemed to shatter the very core of the spirit realm. Then he fell to the ground, sliding off of Dylan's sword, and his scream became sobs.

"Why is it?" he asked the General, "That you throw your allegiance to Willdog, and not to a MAN, one of your own kind?!" he sobbed.

"Dogs get worshipped. Men get put down." General Dylan said before delivering the killing blow to the Evil Lord, banishing his soul to HFIL, ending the reign of Elias once and for all.

The End


The men women and children of the Land were all gather'd 'round the courtyard of the castle of Willton, where Willdog stood alone, the center of all attention. He took a deep breath and then addressed all assembled.

"Friends, landers, countrymen, lend me ye ears. The Evil Lord Elias hath finally been vanquished and it is time for me to depart this land and return to the realm of spirit. It is important that we all remember some of those who made our victory today possible. First and foremost we ought to think of General Dylan, who proudly gave his life in order to deliver the ultimate coup de gras to the Evil Lord, and who now waits for me in the spirit realm. Next we ought to think of Duke Patrick, the great tactician and leader who, with me, commanded our forces through countless battles including the one we waged here not so long ago. He shall remain in the Land as a fair and just ruler of Notlliw. Next we ought to think of Specialist Stephanie, though her role in the final battle was not needed as the Evil Lord revealed himself, and we did not have to trampoline her through the window of the castle tower in order for her to gain entry to open the door for us, she played her role well, and will serve as the fine leader of this fine town. Next we ought to think of Technician TJ, who though he may not have played a major role in the legend we have forged, has always been regarded as my biggest supporter among us, I sense he will have bigger roles to play in the future, and he will make a fine ruler for the people of Cyrus. Finally we ought to think of all the citizens of the land, all the rest of you gather'd here today, without whom, I would not feel compelled to save this fine land, without whom I would not feel welcome on this fine land, and without whom this fine land would not be fine, I thank ye and bless ye, and it is with great sadness I must now depart thee. Farewell to you all." Willdog said in a single breath before an aura seemed to form and sparkle around him, flashing faster and faster before finally with a blinding flash of light, Willdog returned to his rightful place in the spirit realm, watching over it and all the Land until the day he was needed once more.

End of Part 1