You call me from the top of the world. You tell me you know what I tried to tell you. "I know," I say. But I'm not paying attention yet. You called me from the place I've always dreamed of.

I wanted to go with you. I wanted to stand 14,000 feet above the world and just hold your hand. I wanted to stand at the top and yell to the world below, "I'm conquered pain, and now I can be happy!" But I'm not there with you.

You say you've finally figured it out. You know how you feel. My hands clench in worry but you fix that. "Are you sure it's not the spur of the moment?" I ask. "No," she says. "No, I know I love you because even standing up here in the mountains, surrounded by this beautiful world, I still would rather be down on earth with you."

"Enjoy," I say. "I'll take you back one day. I promise. If only I was there now, ne?"

"But, you are here," she says. "I can feel you. I can feel you standing next to me, taking it all in with me. I can feel you at my side holding my hand, whispering in my ear."

I close my eyes and discover she's right. I am there with her. Her hand is in mine. I feel the warmth of her body next to me, her skin, softer than a baby's. I may have been on the ground, 2,00 miles away, but at that moment, I was higher than cloud nine.