Henrietta smiled as she stared out the tinted back window of her limousine. Her chauffeur had just finished telling her about the John Quincy Adams Bridge. Of course, being a child of 14, she didn't care about the history of the old pavement under her. She was entranced by the enormity of the city before her. This city was larger than her mansion back home in England!! And that was saying something.

As she took a bite of her muffin, she noticed the fog that had come at sunset was disappearing. But even through the clouds of fog and there, the city was much brighter than Henrietta had ever dreamed. All the bright lights, the cars, the people. It was all new to her.

By now, she could see the hotel she would be staying at. Being one of the smaller buildings, she hadn't noticed it. A large sign reading Best Western had blinked out to read Be t West n. Although it was not something she had asked for, Henrietta had agreed to stay with Norman, the butler, and Rafael, the chauffeur in this mediocre hotel in the city while her father settled the business with the bank.

Although originally against the plan of having to live like a peasant (as she had put it) Henrietta was beginning to become excited over her new life here. From her window in the hotel, she could see the boats docking in the harbor and at the same time, the people down on the ground, quickly trying to outmaneuver another's car to get through a red light.

And even though it was not the most glamorous life for a princess, it was a life she could be happy with. A life that was going to be interesting and involved rather than sitting at home with nothing to do for hours everyday. It was a chance to experience new things and start with a clean slate. To wash away all her troubles in the flood of light that came from the city. "So this is New York City…"