spring's lips were petal pink
like sakura flowers in hokkaido
strawberry popsicles
covered in freezer burn
ripe peaches rolled in blush fuzz

said she wanted to leave for vancouver
where she could practice her mandarin
(won't mention the shit she'll get in
the men who will follow in her innocent
footsteps trying to get her to smile that
sad, sad smile)

she's dreaming of california though
faux-hippie lifestyle
sea salt hair and wind face
although vancouver's where she'll go
can't afford the air fair, anyways

spring's got her bags packed
she's leaving me behind on this
island i've created for the both of us
sad, sad peach blush smile leaving
for a city full of needled drugs
mandarin flung in the faces of
careless tourists

i asked her to stay, so many times

(she won't admit she wants
to stay with herself in a happy place
instead she wants to see me cry)

he'll follow her to see her sad
and her pink petal lips will kiss
the ears of the boys she lies to
just to feel their pain

spring's dying inside of me
because my smile left for vancouver
packed her bags and didn't leave a note
(just a memory of the time
i told myself i'd be happier
and spring rained until the sadness
washed away)

he'll follow me because we're one
won't give up 'til he finds my smile again
downtown vancouver's where he'll die
while i save up the money for air fair
hoping i find a sad smile on
the beaches of california