gonna move to mars and restart
heard it was so hot there i'd
burn before i got there

(or maybe that's the sun?)

never had a thing for the colour red
but that's what you are and
sometimes i can't believe i've given up
the search

i'm green like jealousy and i think
i'd burn leaving the earth's atmosphere
but i'm willing to give it a try
if only to say that i did
or that i wanted to

if mars won't have me neither will you
i'd rather spiral out of this pull than
surrender to a lie

found out you didn't think i was beautiful
or even worth a catastrophic kiss
though you'd pretend i was when i was
sloshed or something

(falling into a pool and almost drowning)

i'd rather find orange or blue or even
green than my complimentary red
'cause you've never cared for acting like
you meant it

so i'll let go
find my way to mars and restart
don't know how i'll get there

maybe i'll ask you to fling me
out into the atmosphere