Princess Avana and the tale of the Merethian orb


Serenity my beautiful and beloved homeland, a place of great beauty and great mystery,

a place where magical creatures roam free and nothing is as it seems. Where is Serenity

you might ask? Well you will not find it on any of your mortal maps for it does not exist

in your world. For you see Serenity is the name of another dimension. Here time seems to

have stood still, the air is still cool and crisp, the water is still crystal clear and the flora

and fauna that live there still rule much of the land. In this place most of the creatures try

to co-exist happily, helping one and living peacefully with each other. Of course, there are

those who do not wish to follow these unwritten rules of peace, love and unity they

instead have chosen the path of war, hate and deception. Yet some say this is to be

expected for wherever there is good there must be evil for this is the will of the universe.

Who am I you might ask and how do I know so much about this magical plane called

Serenity? Well the answer for this is very simple you see, my name is Sophia and I once

lived in Serenity many millennia ago. Now I am one of the Ishta, a being that has been

charged with the task of recording the entire history of events that have occurred in this

land in one of the numerous great books. I have written about many a person who has

dwelled in Serenity from the time of their birth to the end of their life in this dimension.

Still none have excited me quite as much or gain my full attention like that of princess

Avana of the kingdom of Merethia, her life can be termed anything but boring.

Since she was a child this princess has caused nothing but trouble for her parents, the

lord and king of Merethia King Vante and her dear mother Queen Lucertia. She was for

the first few years of her life known as being somewhat of a tomboy. Instead of playing

with dolls and learning the proper etiquette of being a princess, she preferred to climb

trees and fight, (most of the times beating the boys she fought against, these boys usually

being her brothers.) However who could blame her with seven older brothers. I too

would not have wanted to follow the rules or expectations that come with being a

princess. Nevertheless our story does not begin in the past but rather the present. It is the

week of Avana's sixteen birthday and a great celebration is about to occur. A big ball has

been planned, many guest have arrived but little does she know that soon her whole world

is about to be turned upside down.