You Belong With Me


"By, Mommy. See you after school". I closed the car door and walked into my new school. I found my kindergarten class room and sat down at the desk with my name written across the top. I was sitting quietly when I head someone say. "Hi". I turned my head and saw a boy sitting next to me.

"Hi. I'm Leah."

"I'm Scott." We continued talking until the bell rang. Our new teacher, Mrs. Clemens, put us in groups for a get-to-know-each other project, and Scott and I were paired together.

As the school year progressed, we got closer and closer. And soon, we were best friends. We walked home together everyday after school and played outside until it was time to go inside.

Now Scott and I are seniors in high school. And we're still best friends. But, not everyone can stay best friends forever. Some either drift apart, or become more. But what will happen to Scott and I?