we talked about being special. we said everything like it was true.
(were we telling the truth?)

and we can't fall apart. we keep getting separated,
but we together again.

and you make me feel! and I make you nervous.
and we are not as confident (as we seem)
but we pretend. to each other, that we are brave.

but we don't last, we fall short,
and that was you, in the bullshit.

and we sang a song (only once).
but I keep it on my computer, just for you.

and we sailed on. counting lines and tiles, falling short
over and over again. not shining, or much alive,
not very much alive at all.

sammy boy (I call you a lot) we are in love, a strange love
and in denial. it's sad, and hot, and long lasting as hell.
perpetually stuck, in a loop, or some inlet that won't give.

and who's to say? "what If…"
we fall in love? (are in love?)
who will hate us? god? fuck that guy

do THC with me. and ask me things that make me strange,
and we can fuck outside, in fields. in each other. don't you want that?
(to be in me)?

we don't have to be scared. (we are brave on the inside).
and we don't have to think about, what other people will say.
(we know what they want to say).

I can watch you, when you can't.
and as long as we have hands, and lips,
we can be complete. (see? its not hard)

because I have to go soon…and you won't see me much.
so find me now, (please?) because I will miss you.
sammy boy. I know what you want.
(I know what you need)